Here’s Why DOGE, SHIB and FLOKI Are Important for Crypto Space, David Gokhshtein Believes

Here’s Why DOGE, SHIB and FLOKI Are Important for Crypto Space, David Gokhshtein Believes

Chief of the PAC Protocol, former U.S. politician and prominent crypto supporter David Gokhshtein has taken to Twitter to stress the importance of meme cryptocurrencies, he believes, for the space overall.

Here's what Gokhshtein suggests.

"SHIB and FLOKI will follow the suit of Dogecoin"

David believes that meme cryptocurrencies, and canine coins in particular, draw users into the crypto space. In October of last year, he tweeted that Dogecoin has brought a lot of people into Bitcoin.

In today's tweet, he mentioned the two meme crypto coins that have become popular recently - Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Flocki Inu (FLOKI) - saying that they will keep attracting people into the crypto scape, same as Doge. That is great for adoption, he pointed out.

Just like $DOGE did, the $SHIB ‘s and the $FLOKI ‘s will keep bringing more people into this space — which is a GREAT thing for adoption.— David Gokhshtein (@davidgokhshtein) January 13, 2022

Tesla starts accepting Doge for merch

Earlier today, Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla has launched merch buyable with DOGE. The first time he announced that upcoming event was December. Now, Doge cofounder Billy Markus (who no longer works on the project but keeps supporting it on social media) posted a tweet with a "cyberwhistle" that can be bought for 300 DOGE.

In another tweet, he urged the Dogecoin community to begin spending their meme coins on Tesla merchandise.

alright #dogecoin community, you know what to do— Shibetoshi Nakamoto (@BillyM2k) January 14, 2022

Earlier, Elon Musk stated in a podcast that Dogecoin is fundamentally better than any other crypto he has seen, "just by accident." The opinion of the Tesla CEO is that Doge is much better suited for payments than Bitcoin, according to his earlier interview.

Tesla preparing to sell e-cars for Doge: fast spreading rumor

Last year, Tesla attempted to use Bitcoin as a payment option for its e-cars but then quickly reversed, claiming that Bitcoin mining harms the environment. Back then, Musk stated that BTC will not be reinstated as a payment option until BTC mining becomes at least 50% based on renewable energy. According to Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy and a rigorous Bitcoin proponent, this level was achieved last year but Tesla has still not resumed selling cars for BTC.

Now, rumors abound on Crypto Twitter saying that the company is preparing to integrate Doge payments for e-cars, according to the source code on the Tesla website.

#dogecoin payment on #Tesla soon?— 8BTCnews (@btcinchina) January 11, 2022


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