Social Trading Platform Zignaly Launches Incubator and Venture Capitalist Network

Social Trading Platform Zignaly Launches Incubator and Venture Capitalist Network

Founded in 2017, Zignaly now has more than 350,000 users on its social investing platform leveraging the trading skills of some of the best crypto investors and fund managers in the world. Now, Zignaly is launching a decentralized crypto incubator and venture capitalist network designed to give its user base access to IDOs and project launches across different blockchains all from one platform using its new launchpad, ZIGPAD.

Utilizing Zignaly’s native ZIG coin, ZIGPAD will enable a wide range of new projects with robust launchpad functionality across the world’s most prominent blockchains. With several new projects set to be launched on the platform every single month for the next few months, there will be plenty of momentum and buzz around the ZIGPAD itself, the ZIG token, and of course, the Zignaly platform overall.

Why the Launch of the Incubator and Venture Capitalist Network Makes Sense for a Social Trading Platform

Just last year, a new, younger generation of traders displayed the power and potential of social trading at scale by using Reddit to turn a profit on short squeezes— countering the legacy power of traditional hedge funds This unprecedented event (several events, actually) served as proof that the new social investing era is here, and now it has been extended to crypto.

Zignaly has been helping regular consumer investors access and leverage the rarified skills and knowledge of the world’s top professional crypto traders for four years already, and that in the crypto world, many younger investors get their advice from social media platforms already, whether it be through a platform like Reddit, or savvy YouTubers with a large following.

However, the issue with getting investment advice from broad social media platforms is that many influencers (even those with a large following) have their agendas and incentives, with little to no alignment of incentives for their followers in real terms They may want certain platforms or crypto projects to pump in price so that they can benefit financially, and if they’re wrong, they may not lose any of their capital because they may not be investing in those projects themselves. And they can blame “the market”.

With Zignaly, those providing trading strategies to the platform’s 350,000+ users are obligated to hold those positions themselves and are incentivized to reach certain targets in advance to benefit from the management fees paid out by the crowd. This represents true “skin in the game”, and a win/win for both sides.

This gives the regular consumer investors vastly more leverage than they would have to try to glean the same information everyone else has access to on social media platforms because those offering up their strategies only benefit when both parties win.

ZIGPAD Gives Great Projects a Chance While Giving Investors a Fair Shot Too

Time and time again, the crypto elite brag about the returns on investment they get from launchpads, but what they don’t tell you is that they often get preferential access and pricing because they act as advisors on projects or are simply leveraging inside relationships they have with project founders. Such access is out of reach for regular consumer investors.

ZIGPAD works on a proportional distribution mechanism to ensure fairness. ZIG Coin holders will be allocated opportunities to invest based on the amount they pledge during the subscription period, similar to Binance’s proven approach.

ZIGPAD is committed to supporting the best projects in the most viable industries, and ultimately, giving everyone a fair shot.

It comes as no surprise then that the CEO of Zignaly, Bortolome Bardallo, is incredibly excited:

“This is the first of the many new diversification tools Zignaly aims to launch on top of its current trading-based marketplace, allowing ZIG Holders and Zignaly users to maximize returns on their digital asset investments.”

Launchpad Set to Explode

Not only is ZIGPAD ready to support IDOs on Polygon, Solana, Harmony, Ethereum, BSC and Avalanche, it’s also seeing an average increase in web traffic of about 100,000 new visitors every month and 732,000 total visitors each month at the time of this writing. Both new and veteran crypto investors are taking notice of this and benefiting greatly from social trading via Zignaly.

With the new ZIGPAD, the future is bright for regular consumer investors, professional traders, new crypto projects looking to launch their offerings, and ZIG Coin holders alike. It’s yet another innovation from Zignaly on its mission to democratize crypto investing for everyone.


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