The First Ever NFT Dining Club Is Coming to New York

The First Ever NFT Dining Club Is Coming to New York

When NFTs started like the CryptoPunks, most of the people were asking themselves, is an NFT just a JPEG and nothing more? It appears not.

While NFTs ecosystem advanced, collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club started to gain popularity last year and became a membership club with benefits, and now VCR Group, co-founded by Gary Vaynerchuk, are bringing to the Big Apple a restaurant called “Flyfish Club” (FFC), through a whole new NFT experience.

“Flyfish Club (FFC) is the world’s first member’s only private dining club where membership is purchased on the blockchain as a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) and owned by the token-holder to gain access to our restaurant and various culinary, cultural and social experiences” said VCR Group.

About the Restaurant

Flyfish Club was founded by Gary Vaynerchuk, David Rodolitz, and Josh Capon, founders of VCR Group; it will be located in New York City. The restaurant will have spaces with specific architectural designs like high-ceilings, nice views, among others, according to their official website.

The restaurant will serve international seafood cuisine by well known chefs. The restaurant is divided in 3 different areas: the Main Dining room, the Cocktail Lounge, and the Omakase Experience which will be a private room with a daily showcase of sushi from Japan.

Although Flyfish Club is getting a lot of attention right now, the restaurant is planning to open in Q1/Q2 2023.

Any NFT Holder Can Be a Member of Flyfish Club?

The answer is no, you will have to buy an NFT of their collections in order to be a part of their membership.

There are two types of membership: Flyfish and Flyfish Omakase. The Flyfish has 2650 tokens (2.5 ETH each) and gives you access to all areas and events except the Omakase Experience, and the Flyfish Omakase has only 385 tokens (4.25 ETH each) and gives you access to all spaces and events.

Last week on January 7th, they launched the public sale of 1,151 tokens and both memberships were sold out. So if you want to buy a token, you must buy it on OpenSea marketplace, where the cheapest option is for sale at 3.889 ETH ($12,800 approximately) at the time of writing.

Reservations are for members only, but if you are not a member, you can ask a member to be his/her guest to enter the restaurant. Flyfish Club gives you the opportunity to lease your token and “receive passive income”, according to their website.

From today until the restaurant opens, members can enjoy many benefits and experiences like wine tastings with Gary Vaynerchuk and access to a private event in Minneapolis during Veecon Conference.

Let’s hope other restaurants join Flyfish Club NFT membership program as the NFT ecosystem keeps growing everyday.


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