NFTs by ENO Bid by December 17th at OpenSea Marketplace With the Record Price of €500,000 Each

NFTs by ENO Bid by December 17th at OpenSea Marketplace With the Record Price of €500,000 Each

An auction took place on the OpenSea NFT marketplace of the world’s first ENO wine token for the right to buy the unique wine collection of “El Marques de Griñon” in collaboration with Ely Castro. The auction was held for 2 weeks, beginning on December 6 and ending on December 17, 2021.

The final buyers of the NFT by Eno will receive securely collected and digitally stored information about the journey of each Luxury bottle, starting from the seed right up to a wine glass, as well as two unique tangible pieces of art. First of all, it will be a wine bottle from a few vines chosen in the best plots of the DO of Pago Dominio de Valdepusa, fermented in ovoid vats Leonardo da Vinci, and later aged in a single new artisanal barrel of franc oak. Another exclusive item the buyer will receive is an exclusively designed jewelry bottle itself. Ely Castro, one of Europe’s top ten jewelers, created a unique design jewel composed of high-quality and valuable precious stones to decorate these bottles. As a result, it’s a piece as unique and unrepeatable as the wine it complements and enhances.

As CEO of Eno Somm Mark Flores specifies, currently the project is working with WOFA (Wines of Argentina) to partner with 9 of the most recognized vineyards and, therefore, tokenize their wines and offer a new batch of exclusive and luxurious NFT.

What is ENO token?

ENO is the first wine cryptocurrency that uses blockchain to help safeguard the tradition of winemaking with the new digital wine revolution, preserving the history of wine culture across new data technologies. Its goal is to build the world’s first decentralized wine movement, as well as to bring together all of the world’s growers, vineyards, exporters, importers, consumers, hotels, sommeliers, and crypto users to connect and propagate wine culture.

Apart from that, ENO uses blockchain technology to ensure the process, quality, sale of new wines (Token), the value of exceptional and exclusive bottles (NFTs), and live unique and varied experiences (NTT) that only ENO can put together. By using ENO, a portion of the profit is donated to wine-related charity foundations, assisting the wine ecosystem in growing where it is most needed and strengthening the entire community.


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