It’s time for a Decentralized NFTs Gaming Platform for Play To Earn

It’s time for a Decentralized NFTs Gaming Platform for Play To Earn

Play To Earn is the hottest keyword in the blockchain world right now. Never before have we seen the hype around this combination between gaming and the new crypto economy. According to a report by DappRadar, in 2021, close to half of all users in the blockchain industry have connected to a gaming dapp.

But with traditional gaming platforms still being centralized, hesitant, or even hostile to include Play To Earn, it’s about time we find a solution elsewhere. An ecosystem built just for Play To Earn, where users can enjoy thousands of latest crypto games and trade in-game NFT items in a marketplace, seems like a dream comes true for crypto geeks. That’s where GemUni comes into play.

A Platform Made For Play To Earn

GemUni is building a Decentralized NFTs Gaming Platform for everyone around the world to engage in Fun, Easy, and Play To Earn NFT Casual Games and Signature Games. Users can enjoy fun games while monetizing their experiences with gaming platform rewards and GENI Pass NFTs transactions. The unique thing about GemUni is that the Play To Earn mechanics is applied on the platform level, not per in-game mechanics like most GameFi projects on the market right now.

GemUni gaming features consist of a Casual Gaming Platform and a Signature Gaming Platform. The Casual Gaming platform brings a lineup of popular casual games that everyone regardless of ages or preferences can enjoy. There are diverse categories of Casual Games to choose from: Puzzle/Trivia, Arcade & Action, Simulation, Lifestyle, Racing, Sports, Party & Music, Idle Clicker.

Signature Gaming Platform is a newly announced feature. In this platform, users will gain access to unique Signature Games that are built separately to enhance gaming experiences and maximize earning opportunities. Each Signature Game will also have its own token to reward players.

To access the gaming platforms, users need to possess the GENI Pass NFTs, which act as membership cards in the GemUni universe. There are five levels of GENI Passes: Stone, Topaz, Citrine, Ruby, and Diamond. Each Pass will generate a different number of game tickets per day for users to engage in different earning modes. Depending on the GENI Pass levels, users will earn at different rates.

Besides it’s gaming platforms, GemUni also provides an NFTs marketplace connecting all users to buy & sell GENI Passes and Game Items, using the project token GENI and other cryptocurrencies. GENI Passes and in-game items are listed for sale on the marketplace as NFTs.

A Great Head Start And Plan For 2022

Since its announcement, GemUni has been through three months full of activities and milestones. Last December, the Grand Opening INO event, featuring guests from prominent gaming and blockchain organizations, marked the first time the GENI Pass NFTs were offered on multiple NFT marketplaces. GemUni’s GENI Pass NFTs were highly sought after by crypto and gaming enthusiasts, with thousands of GENI Pass NFTs being sold. Such a good starting point prompted GemUni to launch its Beta Test and Christmas Mini Challenges, attracting players to participate in multiple challenges and earn the project token.

A few days before its IDO, GemUni continues to reach another milestone. In its private fundraising round, GemUni raised $2 million from investors. At this point, the project a boasting a portfolio of 30+ private investors and partners, including well-known venture capitalists such as Kyber Ventures, Shima Capital, ZBS Capital (CryptoDiffer), Kyros Ventures (Coin68), Gain Associates, ZipMex, and HG Ventures, among many others.

Earlier this January, GemUni announced its promising roadmap for 2022. Besides the Casual Gaming Platform with 500+ games to be released in Q1, the project also announced its Signature Gaming Platform featuring upcoming games like The Olympus, Hero Infinities, CyberRace, Moon 2050, and ZodiBoom. An NFTs marketplace is also going live to support players’ NFT trading activities. Finally, further features like the GemUni Launchpad for IGOs, INOs; DAO Treasury, Side Chain will be released in Q2.

With such an ambitious plan for 2022, GemUni is looking forward to partnering with game studios, Global Ambassadors, and artists to create a first-class Decentralized NFTs Gaming Platform.

IDO on GameFi, Red Kite, and KrystalGO on Jan 19, 2022

On the upcoming January 19, GemUni will conduct its Initial DEX Offering across three launchpads GameFi, Red Kite, and KrystalGO. With a public price of $0.2 per token, GemUni implied the project valuation is $20 million at IDO.

GemUni boasts an impressive leadership team, which includes CEO & Founder Cassie Nguyen – Champion of Startup World Cup 2019 in Silicon Valley. The project’s advisory board is led by Mr. Peter Vesterbacka – Former Mighty Eagle of Rovio Entertainment (Angry Birds games).

GemUni CEO & Founder Cassie Nguyen says that her team is working day and night to bridge the gap between gaming and the new Play To Earn model to create an ecosystem for 3.2 billion gamers and studios around the world.

“Never before have we seen the hype around this combination between gaming and the crypto economy,” she stated “We are proud to be the first Play To Earn platform for everyone’s favorite gaming experience. Now, everyone can enjoy fun & easy games in their own time, while earning real-world value.”

GemUni aspires to become the “Decentralized Steam” for NFT Games Play To Earn – an ultimate destination of extraordinary GameFi experiences. Follow GemUni to get updates about this hidden gem’s January 19 IDO on GameFi, Red Kite, KrystalGO and Listing event info.


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