Will Ripple Rise Above Ethereum’s Hegemony In NFTs! What’s In Store For XRP Price On 28th Of February?

Will Ripple Rise Above Ethereum’s Hegemony In NFTs! What’s In Store For XRP Price On 28th Of February?

The crypto fraternity comes across another twist in the industry’s biggest lawsuit. As the plaintiffs and defendants from Ripple’s lawsuit. File a letter requesting an extension of the expert’s discovery deadline, owing to the increasing implications of the pandemic. Wherefore, the plea for the extension of the deadline has been a downer for the XRP army.

Conversely, the XRP army pens optimism on the network’s future with NFTs. Following the NFT-Devnet, and the maker’s vision with Carbon neutral NFTs. Although late to the game, the protocol could be a game-changer, with its distinctive vision.

Another Extension In The Lawsuit, Will Justice Prevail This Quarter?

As previously cited, owing to the complications revolving around the rising infections from the pandemic. The plaintiffs and defendants from Ripple’s lawsuit have jointly filed a letter, dated January 12th, 2022. Requesting a postponement of the expert’s discovery deadline until 28th of February, 2022. The expert’s discovery is presently scheduled to close on January 14, with the exception of one deposition to be taken on 19th January.

#XRPCommunity #SECGov v. #Ripple #XRP Due to complications related to COVID, the parties have filed a joint letter requesting until February 28, 2022 to complete expert discovery, stating that the extension, if granted, will not “impact any other deadline in the case.” pic.twitter.com/rZ3MJtoxkg— James K. Filan (@FilanLaw) January 12, 2022

The parties have revealed a total of 16 expert witnesses, depositions for 8 of which had to be completed by this week. Howbeit, in view of a spike in infections prevailing from the pandemic, and the resulting travel difficulties and other setbacks. The parties have mutually requested a postponement of the remaining expert depositions to February.

That said, the parties have acknowledged that the remaining expert depositions will take place in February regardless of the state of the pandemic. Further citing that the plea would not impact any other deadlines of the case.

Ripple To Dominate The World Of NFTs?

We at Coinpedia had earlier reported, the announcements of the NFT-Devnet from Ripple X. The makers have further revealed that the release of the NFT-Devnet will enable developers to mint NFTs on the XRP Ledger. On the contrary, the team also plans to work on carbon-neutral NFTs with XRPL, and also work towards CBDCs.

Ripple in the recent past had made announcements of investment in Mintable, which is an NFT marketplace. The initiative would enable the platform to integrate with the XRP Ledger, to empower creators to sell their NFTs in a secure and efficient manner. Ripple had also launched a $250 M creators fund to empower innovation in NFTs.

Summing up, the plea for extension in expert discovery has been a downer for the community. Which surfaced following Ripple’s response to SEC’s notice of supplemental authority. However, the fraternity is looking forward to the protocol’s move towards NFTs and CBDCs. The protocol’s sprawl despite the lawsuit, has been a delight for savvies.


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