Apparel brand Gap reveals first NFT collection, mints on Tezos

Apparel brand Gap reveals first NFT collection, mints on Tezos

Clothing giant Gap has joined the queue to issue its own NFT collection in collaboration with Frank Ape artist Brandon Sines. Launching the collection on January 12, the apparel company has minted the collection on blockchain Tezos.

According to a Wednesday press release, Gap is introducing a “gamified digital experience” which will allow customers to purchase a deluxe-edition physical Gap hoodie and buy digital art by Brandon Sines. On the other hand, there will be four types of collectibles featured in the collection: Common, Rare, Epic, and One of a Kind.

“Gap has always been at the intersection of music, art, and culture, so we are excited about this growth opportunity in the digital space with artists like Brandon Sines,” said Chris Goble, Chief Product Officer and General Manager of Gap North America.

Users can start purchasing the NFTs from January 13 at 9 am PST at a starting price of 2 XTZ, worth about $8.74 at the time of writing. The ‘Common’ collection will be the first to launch, with the remaining following suit.

The company said it chose Tezos “to do the right thing for the planet,” as the open-source PoS blockchain operates on minimal energy consumption. Apart from Gap, Tezos recently partnered with big names like Ubisoft, Pantone, Vitality, and Red Bull.

John Strain, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, said:

“As part of our mission to create enduring customer relationships, our teams are constantly innovating. We are excited about the possibilities that a more planet-friendly blockchain technology can unlock for us and all the new ways it will enable us to connect with our customers.”


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