Best Airdrops in Beginning of 2022

Best Airdrops in Beginning of 2022

The airdrop phenomenon has been a buzzword in the crypto community for a long time since it has wide usability among cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. No wonder, considering that they are beneficial to the community as well as to the project. A huge number of airdrops are available to users today, where everyone can take part.

Regarding an airdrop, it is a marketing campaign in which money or tokens are sent to users to raise awareness of a new virtual currency. Usually, a small amount of the new virtual currency is delivered for free or in exchange for a small favor done by the user, such as retweeting a post published by the company or reposting a post. Primarily this action is aimed to raise awareness of the cryptocurrency project and get more people to trade it when it is listed on an exchange as an initial coin offering (ICO).

What are the benefits for users?

Airdrops are often more profitable for the issuing corporation at first, but the recipients of the free coins may be in for a surprise later on. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

Even though there are a lot of scams involved in the abundance of airdrops that currently exist, or you may encounter a situation where the coins you win are worthless, it is still possible to win some valuable ones. In that case, those free funds can grow unexpectedly over time, leading to huge profits with no initial investment.

So, how do you choose an airdrop correctly and get the most out of it? We have collected the best and most promising airdrops of this fall, either already available or will be launched soon.

STLY by Starly DAO

Starly DAO is a decentralized exchange platform created by experienced developers to maximize revenue from BSC token trading, farming, and staking. It is focused on helping the internal community and has low transaction costs – only 0.1%. When it comes to Starly Liquidity Pools, their yields and reliability are higher than the market average. Starly Liquidity Pool does not only provide a profitable way to get LP tokens but also huge rewards for early adopters.

The platform now launches an airdrop of its native STLY tokens ($100 000). Every early adopter will get tokens, which will benefit its owner as follows:

  • Access to the Inner Club and Starly.Finance Club with the unique advantages and the most significant benefits of the platform;
  • Earn money from placement in betting pools and liquidation pools;
  • Get profits from trading the STLY token;
  • With STLY tokens, you will get a return on transaction fees ranging from 0.1% up to 100%.
  • Additionally, 500,000 of the 20,000,000 STLY tokens will be used to guarantee initial liquidity, allowing any user to trade and earn from the first minute of the platform.

    SOLO by Sologenic

    On top of the XRP Ledger, Sologenic is a complex ecosystem. It allows users to invest in and trade crypto and non-blockchain assets, including stocks, ETFs, and commodities from the world’s top 30+ stock exchanges.

    The airdrop of this project is currently in full swing, ending on December 4, 2021. There will be 1,000 winners chosen at random and awarded 40 SOLOs each, equivalent to $120.

    Sologenic ($SOLO) is currently trading on a number of centralized exchanges and the Sologenic DEX, with about $10 million in daily trading volume. Holders of SOLO are able to access a broad spectrum of stocks on more than 30 global exchanges in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. As well, SOLO makes it possible for people worldwide to buy and sell stocks of their beloved companies without having to go to a traditional brokerage firm.

    HERO by Step Hero

    Step Hero is a profit-oriented NFT fantasy-themed role-playing game on BSC and Polygon. Its ecosystem perfectly combines NFT games and Defi, allowing users to have fun and make money at the same time.

    Beginning November 14, airdrop of HERO tokens will run through December 4. The final number of winners is 700, all of whom will be randomly selected from among the participants who have met all the required conditions. The total amount of HERO tokens is 70,000. Hence, every winner is guaranteed to get 700 HERO.

    NFT&Device by Wicrypt

    Wicrypt is a decentralized mobile Internet exchange and monetization network that operates worldwide. Wicrypt has created its proprietary hardware device that runs the Wicrypt Operating System (Operating System). A unique Wicrypt Outlier NFT is used to represent each device on the blockchain.

    Exclusively for airdrop, Wicrypt will release 100 NFTs worth $100,000. There will be a total of 100 winners, and each one will receive 1 NFT, respectively, worth $1,000. In addition, each NFT is backed by a physical Wicrypt device, meaning that each winner will receive both a physical device and an NFT.

    USDT by ByBit

    ByBit is a Bitcoin and ETH trading platform that offers cryptocurrency perpetual contracts and is secure, fast, transparent, and easy to use.

    The platform is launching a large-scale airdrop, which will begin on November 19, 2021, and run until December 3. The prize pool is up to 1,000,000 USDT, which increases in proportion to participants. The total number of winners is 100, who will share the prize pool among themselves.


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