Polygon claims Plonky 2 is world’s fastest ZK scaling technology

Polygon claims Plonky 2 is world’s fastest ZK scaling technology

Ethereum scaling solution provider Polygon (Formerly Matic) has claimed that it will launch the world’s fastest zero-knowledge scaling technology which will be 100 times faster than the existing substitutes.

1/5 Proud to present #Plonky2 – the world's fastest ZK scaling technology, built by @0xPolygonZero! Plonky2 is a recursive SNARK that is 100x faster than existing alternatives and natively compatible with #Ethereum.A on why this is exciting… pic.twitter.com/bGOdtyqwM4— Polygon | $MATIC (@0xPolygon) January 10, 2022

Calling it ‘Plonky 2’, Polygon said the new technology is a recursive SNARK designed to improve the processing power of Ethereum. The protocol has claimed it will take 0.17 secs to generate recursive proofs on a laptop using the technology, “by far the fastest implementation available today.”

“It combines PLONK and FRI for the best of STARKs, with fast proofs and no trusted setup, and the best of SNARKs, with support for recursion and low verification cost on Ethereum,” Polygon explained in the blog post.

Elaborating on its efficiency, the blockchain platform noted that recursive proofs are critical for blockchain scalability. Recursion proof was a theoretical technology until 2014, but development has progressed since then, and the proof generation time has been shortened from 120 seconds in 2019 to 60 seconds in 2020, and now Polygon claims it has now been reduced to 0.17 seconds with Plonky 2.

In addition to reducing the time required for certification, Plonky2 also has functions such as optimizing the size of certification data. In addition, its compatibility with Ethereum will allow Polygon to develop the future of Ethereum as well.

3/5 Furthermore, the unique features of #Plonky2 open the door for future engineering breakthroughs such as horizontal scaling of blockchain networks, where the throughput increases with every node that gets added to the network.— Polygon | $MATIC (@0xPolygon) January 10, 2022

Concluding, Polygon wrote:

“ZK L2s have benefited from a lot of hype, but current solutions rely on cryptographic primitives that are inefficient and limit scalability. Ultimately, L2’s will compete on throughput and cost, and Plonky2 gives the Polygon ecosystem the opportunity to build the most performant and scalable L2s.”


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