Bitrue Deploys New Tool To Increase Users’ Profits, All You Need To Know About The Yield Farming Hub

Bitrue Deploys New Tool To Increase Users’ Profits, All You Need To Know About The Yield Farming Hub

Launched in 2018, leading crypto exchange Bitrue has been characterized for its innovative offer of products. This platform was the first to bring such products as Power Piggy, a crypto-based investment service, and has maintained its pioneering vision across the years.

On January 10th, the platform will launch a new Yield Farming Hub for its users, demonstrating that it continues to innovate and bring fresh ideas to the crypto industry. This new feature will enable one of the most popular use cases in the DeFi sector and will allow users to generate more profits.

By staking their cryptocurrencies or their Bitrue Coin (BTR) funds, the native token for Bitrue, a user will have access to a passive source of revenue. Upon its launch, the product will have over 20 pools with 150% APRs with the potential to benefit from pools with as much as 200% APRs.

The leading crypto exchange called this new product an exciting opportunity and it seems poised to onboard new users, as investors on the platform benefit from their crypto holdings with a low-risk strategy. Bitrue said:

(…) everyone in the Bitrue team is very excited about the possibilities that this opens up for us. We’re able to forge deeper partnerships with many of our long term partners, and we believe it’s going to help bring a lot of new users to Bitrue who are seeking the highest safe gains that they can get on their crypto assets.

Bitrue, Most Innovative Platform In The Crypto Industry?

Users on Bitrue will be able to mitigate any potential long-term dropped in the crypto market, as they will be able to generate yield on their funds. In addition, BTR holders will benefit from the constant increase in demand for the token as more users jump into the platform to leverage the feature.

The Yield Farming Hub will complement Bitrue’s suite of crypto products. Users will be able to leverage it with the aforementioned Power Piggy, the BTR Vote, and BTR Lockups. Thus, expanding the possibilities for its users without the limitations of DeFi protocols in terms of fees, and long-term threat to capital due to impermanent loss.

Adam O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer at Bitrue claimed the new Yield Farming Hub will provide users with more freedom and options to invest safely. In that way, consumers can make the best decision to maximize their profits and become more flexible and successful investors. O’Neill said:

By offering such a wide range of investment options with varying lockup periods, returns, and formats, we give our users the freedom to choose an investment strategy that works best for them. It makes BTR the world’s first Yield Token – a coin expressly devoted to maximizing the return on investment for cryptocurrencies.


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