28 Million MATIC Bought and Sold by Whales Over Weekend

28 Million MATIC Bought and Sold by Whales Over Weekend

As reported by popular cryptocurrency tracker Whale Alert, slightly over four hours ago, a wallet with an unregistered owner transferred 2.6 million MATIC tokens to the Binance exchange.

However, added to the amount of MATIC moved by whales over the weekend, it makes a combined 25.4 million native tokens for the Polygon blockchain.

Whale sells 71 million and 2.6 million MATIC stashes

Data from the whale's address on the Polygon blockchain shows that this cryptocurrency owner held a whopping 71,451.559 coins in the past four months.

However, 125 days ago, he moved that crypto out of his wallet, presumably to sell it or convert it into a different crypto. Four hours ago, he also shifted 2,674,144 MATIC tokens to the Binance exchange.

At the moment, they hold 0.00936988 MATIC in their wallet.

2,674,144 #MATIC (5,704,476 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to #Binancehttps://t.co/DtFxMrLSCJ— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) January 10, 2022

Major ETH whales buy and sell 25.4 million MATIC

As reported by U.Today over the weekend, on Jan. 8, some of the top 1,000 ETH whales—in accordance with the WhaleStats list—purchased 7,275,966 MATIC tokens. That is the equivalent of $15,144,497. These acquisitions were made by ETH whales ranked 557th, 119th and 169th, according to the WhaleStats scale.

Some of them also bought large amounts of LINK and FTX tokens. Some of the top 1,000 ETH whales continue to stock up on LINK today as well.

Besides, on Jan. 8, two large MATIC transfers were spotted by the aforementioned Whale Alert. Those two transactions carried an astounding 18.2 million tokens worth $12,119,079.

Thus, the total amount of MATIC bought, sold and moved between wallets since Saturday constitutes over 28 million tokens, which is equal to $57,181,419 in fiat.


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