KwikTrust: A Next Generation E-Validation Platform

KwikTrust: A Next Generation E-Validation Platform

One of the benefits of decentralization is the security and privacy that it provides for any feature or product on-chain. The security of web 2.0 platforms are riddled with flaws, but it is the only option for legal documents. The significance of maintaining a chain of custody for all legal procedures cannot be overstated. A solution to secure, validate, and maintain a chain of custody for all legal procedures and documents is required. In this article, we’ll take a look at KwikTrust, a next-generation blockchain e-validation platform that offers provenance and legal protection.

Introducing a New Innovative E-validation Platform

KwikTrust is a blockchain-powered solution that aids in the fast-tracking of file validation and due diligence in order to provide provenance and legal protection. The blockchain platform’s goal is to establish a new standard for signing and securing files in the ‘web3’ world. KwikTrust addresses issues like security risks, high costs, and insufficient data in the due diligence process. The KwikTrust platform offers unique features that distinguish it from other e-validation platforms, some of which are as follows:

  • Dynamic Data Monitor: KwikTrust aids in the monitoring, validation, authentication, and security of data on the blockchain. The platform also assists in thoroughly reviewing legal documents in order to avoid legal conflicts caused by legal documents and agreements that are constantly changing and expiring.
  • Effective Due Diligence: KwikTrust assists in providing effective due diligence while eliminating the risk of human error, making the entire process more efficient.
  • Blockchain Validation: The presence of third-party validations definitely slows down the process and raises the costs incurred. Blockchain Validation aids in the avoidance of flaws in the validation process, making the process run more smoothly.
  • Data Security: One of the shortcomings of traditional e-validation platforms is the ability to manipulate data and legal documents. The use of the KwikTrust platform will undoubtedly aid in the elimination of these flaws by providing an irrefutable record of activity.
  • Solving Today’s Major NFT Issues with SuperNFT

    SuperNFT is one of the protocol’s distinguishing features; allowing validated identity, provenance, and e-signatures to be locked and minted into non-fungible tokens. The patent-pending SuperNFT can be used to create asset classes in finance, deeds of ownership, and intellectual property storage. SuperNFT contributes to the resolution of the three major issues confronting NFTs today: identity, provenance, and security. The KwikTrust platform is powered by its own token, the KwikTrust token (KTX). On the KwikTrust platform, SuperNFT is linked to the identity, content, and e-signature of a legal document, and it is used to securely transfer and delegate ownership of assets. Additionally, SuperNFT provides a legally binding and credible system for file authentication.

    The Future Of E-Validation

    In a world where file security and validation are critical, KwikTrust has innovated and created new ways to fully implement the best authentication and security possible by utilizing blockchain technology. With the introduction of SuperNFT and other innovative features, Kwiktrust is well-positioned to set a new standard for legal document e-validation and data authentication.


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