Novatar Offers Limited 25K Unique NFTs Representing Virtual and Meta Identity

Novatar Offers Limited 25K Unique NFTs Representing Virtual and Meta Identity

The Novatar is set to enter the new virtual metaverses by combining blockchain and artificial intelligence and creating a unique virtual identity.

One of the finest ways to experience the Metaverse is with digital avatars as one of its important features. Adding identity that can be used in several metaverses at once can make NFTs avatars more valuable. A previously issued NFT, for example, may be used to unlock future metaverses, which will increase NFTs’ value and usability.

Facebook just introduced a beta version of its new virtual reality remote work program, Horizon Workrooms. Virtual worlds are becoming a pressing topic for creating a new type of personal identities.

SoftBank Group Corp. invested $150 million in a South Korean metaverse platform in December 2021. As of October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg stated that Facebook Inc. will become Meta Platforms Inc., investing billions of dollars in the online world. Companies including Chipotle Mexican Grill, Verizon Communications, and Nike Inc. have also invested in Metaverse’s potential. Also, a rise in digital real estate is seen recently.

There is a growing demand for personalization, and numerous NFT collections are starting to provide it. The virtual representation must respond in a natural and adapted fashion and boost the user’s online presence. The virtual identity is going to be perceived as a digitalized full-fledged version of the real self, with unlimited opportunities for personalization.

Consequently, people are actively looking for ways to express their individuality in virtual environments and inscribe their uniqueness. Providing people with such uniqueness is the aim of a new project called The Novatar. Novatar uses industry-first approaches and provides multiple unique features. One such is the implementation of the first-ever aging NFT. A newborn baby will be the user’s first identity. It is up to the user to transform into a mature adult; possessing distinct characteristics similar to humans or keep it as a baby.

Some Novatars may be homo or heterosexual, just as in real life. Each Novatar has a unique facial expression: they may feel joyful, sad, irritated, embarrassed, confident, etc., exactly like real people.

As in the real world, each Novatar will be one-of-a-kind as a result of AI generation of the images and the blockchain. In all, there will only be 25K Novatars, each with a unique expression, futuristic attire, and design.

These Novatars will serve as a new Meta identity for their holders. In addition, Novatars will have a profession (astronaut, doctor, gamer, blogger, developer) with high-quality design, and serve as the sole means of identifying each individual in the virtual world.

The Novatars may also be used to get access to real-world events. Participation in various project-related events is also in the pipeline. The concept, venue, and date of the events will be decided by the community and notified soon.


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