Dapper Labs registers as Lobbyist, to make policy recommendations on NFTs

Dapper Labs registers as Lobbyist, to make policy recommendations on NFTs

Blockchain-based NFT company Dapper Labs is attempting to guide US Congress on policies surrounding NFTs as the burgeoning industry continues to remain an alien concept amongst lawmakers.

The Flow blockchain developer has federally registered as a lobbyist on NFTs with the United States government, as per a public document released Monday.

According to the document, the blockchain company has hired federal relations, advocacy, and advisory firm Crossroads Strategies as a lobbying firm. The document further specified that the advisory firm will help Dapper Labs recommend policies “related to NFTs, blockchain, and financial services.”

Dapper Labs also recruited Alison Kutler, a former chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, as its head of government affairs in November. She also served as the special advisor to the chairman of the FCC from June 2015 to April 2017. According to additional reports revealed on January 4, Kutler has also registered to lobby for Dapper Labs.

Rachel Rogers, a spokeswoman for Dapper Labs, said in a statement that the lobbying is aimed at promoting “education and mainstream adoption of Web3” and defending “the benefits of this technology to society.” The company is yet to provide details on the matter.

Canada-based NFT company Dapper Labs is one of the biggest names in the NFT business. The firm has developed several blockchain and NFT-based products, including developer-friendly Flow blockchain, NFT collections NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties, and a tournament series called Cheese Wizards.


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