First-Ever Aging NFT Project The Novatar Offers Limited 25K Avatars

First-Ever Aging NFT Project The Novatar Offers Limited 25K Avatars

Metaverses are gaining popularity as numerous major tech corporations invest extensively in them.

After announcing a $50 million fund earlier, Facebook even renamed its holding company “Meta” to reflect its intent to construct a new virtual world.

Additionally, Microsoft has acknowledged its goal of creating a metaverse. 2021’s millennial investors exhibited a marked rise in interest in digital assets.

The demand for NFTs in the form of art, music, and in-game assets, such as metaverse land, has risen dramatically. For the festival, young investors are gifting NFTs and other digital assets.

Novatar: The first-ever aging NFTs

The Novatar, a newly launched NFT avatar project with a potential future in the metaverse and digital world, has a very intriguing concept.

The day has come when users can transform themselves into whoever they admire. The Novatar, the first-ever aging NFT, is all set to facilitate entering a new world.

It starts simply: mimicking how we came into existence as newborn babies in the real world. The technology behind The Novatar allows the natural transformation of the human on the blockchain.

Graphically all 25K Novatars are one-of-a-kind and AI-generated with unique facial expressions, race, skin colors, etc. Each NFT baby has various qualities contained in the basic 9 genes.

After minting, the user has full authority to allow it to mature as an adult or stay a baby. In the virtual world, the avatar can mature in seconds with just a click, transforming the baby into an adult.

A virtual identity like no other

In the digital world, the user compulsorily needs an identity, a face to showcase their individuality that suits their nature. It’s the user’s virtual existence portrait that the world will recognize on social networks.

Novatars have a wide combination of genes which makes rarity possible. A baby Novatar has 9 compulsory genes, while the adults have 10 mandatory genes from a collection of 14.

As a consequence of the optional nature of these genes, the Novatar, which inherits some optional genes, will become rarer, thus making the whole NFTs system unique.

Even as in today’s real life, Novatar can be homo or heterosexuals. They can express\ the feelings a real human being has: sad, happy, angry, anxious, frightened, etc.

They are very much identical to actual humans.

Novatars store these images in IPFS, and the user is provided with complete commercial rights concerning NFTs.


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