After Samsung, LG to support NFT features in smart TVs

After Samsung, LG to support NFT features in smart TVs

Major electronics manufacturer LG has decided to follow the lead of rival Samsung in launching support for NFTs. Both multinational corporations, also called Chaebols in South Korea, have integrated NFT features into their latest TV product lines.

The products were revealed at Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2022, one of the top tech events, held in Las Vegas, USA.

The event saw Samsung unveiling a range of smart TVs, which included a TV screen-based NFT explorer and marketplace aggregator where users can browse, purchase, and display their digital collectibles.

On the other hand, LG electronics head of home entertainment business division Park Hyung-se said in a press conference Wednesday that the conglomerate has definite plans to incorporate blockchain-based NFT content transactions into their product line.

“We have collaborated with various artists for years to this end and OLED is the very technology optimized for art,” Park said at the press conference.


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