How InuYasha Is Developing Crypto’s Biggest Incubator and Launchpad Space

How InuYasha Is Developing Crypto’s Biggest Incubator and Launchpad Space

The investment space in the decentralized finance sector has often been riddled with scams and illegitimate projects. With little to no regulation and an overall Wild West aura, it has been difficult for high-quality projects to surface and get the attention they deserve.

Simply put, the lack of regulatory oversight and proper standardization makes it increasingly difficult for investors to safely vet emerging crypto projects to determine which ones are legitimate. As a result, many investors have gone into hibernation mode and stopped investing in promising crypto projects that may add value to the sector.

By bringing promising blockchain-based projects and a community of investors and supports together in one platform, InuYasha is effectively building a decentralized incubator for cryptocurrency projects.

From blockchain games to up-and-coming meme tokens and even charitable organizations, InuYasha is the place to be for crypto developers looking to receive donations for their projects. It also doubles up as a community of like-minded crypto investors looking for early access to vetted and promising projects.

What is InuYasha?

InuYasha, which launched Guzzler and Clifford Inu, is essentially a community-driven incubator and launchpad platform, designed with various features that support a healthy investment ecosystem. Created by a dynamic team of professionals with a grasp on startup development, finance, and marketing, InuYasha is set to benefit the entire DeFi landscape at large.

How InuYasha works

InuYasha is a decentralized platform that offers its users an array of features that will help them to identify promising cryptocurrency projects from emerging ones. The platform allows investors the chance to invest in a safe and scam-free environment.

The platform comes with its decentralized token called $InuYasha which features a supply of 100 billion tokens. Believing that the blockchain sector would greatly benefit from standardized protocols for issuing new tokens, the InuYasha team has gone ahead and built on top of a fully audited token thus guaranteeing the transparency of the project from the start.

The InuYasha project is divided into three parts- the incubator (Yasha Incubator), the community of investors who also govern the platform (Yasha DAO), and the YashaPAD which is a launchpad that provides safe, handpicked projects for investors.

The YashaPAD

With the prevalence of scams and illegitimate projects in the crypto space, the InuYasha team has decided to build a launchpad that is dedicated to screening and vetting new projects. The YashaPAD will be the first stop for all new projects who want to list on the InuYasha platform. This is a program that helps promising teams launch their blockchain or NFT based games, access a ready community for their meme tokens, or simply get donations for their charitable causes. Each project in the YashaPad is handpicked and voted for by the community to ensure safety. Projects that make it through InuYasha’s strict vetting process get to be listed on the InuYasha platform and given access to a pool of interested investors.

The Yasha Incubator

The incubator is the heart of the InuYasha project. Designed as an all-in-one solution for startups, the incubator provides teams with all the tools they need to get their blockchain-based project off the ground. From crowdfunding support to community engagement and marketing, teams registered on the Yasha Incubator are given access to all that is required for them to get their projects up and running.

Most promising projects in the Yasha Incubator get listed on the Yasha PAD which provides them with a ready community of investors looking to invest in the project. Businesses that are already up and running with a working product can also apply for listing on the platform, provided they meet the list of requirements set by InuYasha.

The Yasha DAO

After successfully incubating their chosen projects, the Yasha Incubator will have to move on to the next phase, which entails funding and token issuance. To facilitate this part of the process, InuYasha has established a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that governs all activities on the platform. The Yasha DAO is open to everyone in the InuYasha community who decides to become a member. This is where the true power of community is realized as all $InuYasha token holders get to have a voting right.

$InuYasha Token Details

The $InuYasha token is a utility token that will play an integral role on the InuYasha platform.

The following are some key details about the token:

-The total supply of tokens is 100 billion,-The token distribution features a 10% tax, a 2% marketing allocation, another 2% for reflections back to token holders, and a 6% allocation to the token’s liquidity on Uniswap-The platform’s native token, $InuYasha, is an ERC-20 standard token

Conclusion: The Future of Investment Opportunities

The InuYasha project has a lot of promise and looks to be one of the more innovative projects in the blockchain space. With its focus on incubating new projects and establishing a platform for accessing safe investments, InuYasha is looking to be a leader in the advancement of crypto and blockchain-based innovations. The project has already made some key developments which include the listing of projects such as CLIFFORD INU to its community of investors. What’s more, InuYasha’s token is easily available on Uniswap as the team continues to establish a decentralized ecosystem for investors. InuYasha can be found on Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram for any questions or inquiries.


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