MonkeyBall GameFi Launches MBS Trading, Announces NFTs Release

MonkeyBall GameFi Launches MBS Trading, Announces NFTs Release

MonkeyBall, an ecosystem of decentralized gaming products, is ready to unveil its core native utility asset MBS and distribute Monkey NFTs among enthusiasts.

MonkeyBall releases MBS utility token

According to the official announcement shared by the team of MonkeyBall play-to-earn protocol, it has finished the process of testing its MBS token. The token is already on its way to centralized and decentralized exchanges.

MonkeyFans!To reduce congestion on Solana & ensure a smoother drop of 5,000 Monkeys on Jan. 6th, we have decided to move it up to 2 PM UTC⚡️5,000 Gen Zero - Jan. 6th @ 2 PM UTC -⚡️That means - less than 48 hours until the MonkeyRevolution begins!— MonkeyBall (@monkeyballgame) January 4, 2022

Avaliable on many third-party platforms, MonkeyBall's MBS token will introduce the Solana-based gaming environment to a wide audience of GameFi segment participants.

Besides that, MBS token will unlock an array of utilities in MonkeyBall's gameplay. Holders of MBS will be able to access the in-game store with Breeding Capsules, items that allow you to create new generations of monkeys.

Alongside MonkeyBall's MBS token, the project's economic model will be fueled by Monkey NFTs, another building block of its Metaverse.

MonkeyBall NFTs unlock amazing opportunities for gamers

Since the first days of its drop, MonkeyBall NFTs have introduced unique in-game activities in a limited mode. First, holders of NFTs will be invited to Pioneers Gear-Up Camp, where the entire in-game supply will be available for free.

Also, NFT holders will be able to visit the in-game store and participate in breeding campaigns. As such, all holders will create new monkey generations.

Last but not least, NFT owners can unlock the PvE Game Mode to compete against the environment. The upcoming drop will include Gen-Zero monkeys. Breeding them will lead to the birth of Gen1 monkeys, and so on.

As covered by U.Today previously, MonkeyBall successfully concluded its IDO after raising funds from the Draftkings' founders, Solana Capital, Republic, NFX, iAngels and Longhash.


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