SIDUS HEROES Drawing the Attention of Celebs and Sponsors Everywhere

SIDUS HEROES Drawing the Attention of Celebs and Sponsors Everywhere

NFT games are steadily evolving, becoming more and more advanced. With the constant growth of the industry, NFT games, which have mostly resembled low-quality phone games, have begun to look like full-fledged games you’d find on one of the three giant gaming platforms – Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation.

One of the most recent projects looking to push NFTs to the next level is SIDUS HEROES.

SIDUS HEROES is the world’s first triple-A, WebGL, Play-to-Earn, NFT, massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game. This web-based game is playable on any device (mobile, computer) without any additional equipment.

The SIDUS project results from one of the most extensive collaborations within the NFT space with numerous companies from various domains and a wealth of supporters.

The game is a result of collaboration in the sphere of creative teams+classic gamedev teams + blockchain experts. The team behind the game is also highly experienced in tech and has over 200 full-time employees with many past successful projects under its belt.

SIDUS HEROES NFTs & Metaverse Game

The SIDUS NFT Heroes collection consists of 6,000 unique characters with as many as 13 traits to ensure each one is unique. Within each of the 13 traits, their backgrounds have 133 different options, 152 clothing options, 102 planet variations, and 262 alternative skins.

The final look of each Hero in the collection of NFTs is shaped using an AI-powered random generator.

SIDUS HEROS is a game set in a space metaverse that depicts a society that has evolved to become one with its technological advancements. Each character within the game comes from one of several blockchain races. The characters embody the most vital attributes from their respective blockchain.

The races are Bitcoione, Etheredus, Binaxima Sentauri Cybele, Solantrum, Avalanya, Polygopus, Huoris Helvetios, Polkacyon, Cardaggar, Tronguan, Ripplatan Centricus, and Cosmernicus.

The game provides various gaming scenarios, including interstellar exploration, battles, and settlements. There is also the opportunity for political, social, and economic development.

SIDUS relies on a closed economic system that is based on a limited emission of resources, incorporates a ‘play-to-earn’ model to all in-game items, and has a two-token-based system.

SIDUS Investors and Supporters

The investors and supports behind the project include more than 50 companies and names, with the majority coming from the blockchain industry.

SIDUS HEROS has welcomed influencers from many other industries to diversify the team. Some of the team members and investors are Anti Fund, which was founded by Geoffrey Woo and YouTube star and entrepreneur Jake Paul. MrBeast, one of the most successful YouTubers and crypto influencers Alex Becker and EllioTrade, also supports the project.

With a collective audience of over 120 million, these influencers will bring together and form a massive international community of viewers.

Through collaboration with supporters and investors (including YouTubers), the team finds ways to introduce bigger audience to the benefits of blockchain gaming and ‘play-to-earn’ mechanics, attract more gamers on-chain

SIDUS HEROES’ tokens, the SENATE and SIDUS recently made their debut on seven different platforms. The token’s platforms are BLOKPAD, Ignition, TrustPad, SpaceSwap, Red Kite, GameFI, and Seedify.

The IDO launched an equal ratio of SIDUS’ tokens, with 50% SENATE and 50% SIDUS being released on all platforms. The tokens are priced at $4.10 for the SENATE and $0.14 for the SIDUS during the IDO and the current price is $2.76 for SENATE and $0.078 for SIDUS.

The IDO was launched on December 15th.


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