Marketing Entrepreneurs & Influencers to Follow in 2022

Marketing Entrepreneurs & Influencers to Follow in 2022

As an entrepreneur on the lookout for trends and models in the booming marketing industry, the ideal thing to do is to get to know and acquaint yourself with industry leaders. The advent of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offers you an opportunity to get in touch with these entrepreneurs and influencers driving the market.

If you’re looking to nurture your marketing business, these are some of the top marketing entrepreneurs and influencers to follow in 2022.

Top Marketing Entrepreneurs and Influencers to Follow in 2022

1. Artem Romanyuk

Artem Romanyuk is the current Chief Marketing Officer [CMO] at BR GROUP, an all-around business that aims at providing products and services to efficiently increase the connection between emerging projects and their target audience. With 10 years of experience in the marketing space, Artem Romanyuk has engaged in a plethora of international marketing.

With a robust career in marketing spanning years of experience, Mr. Romanyuk has implemented marketing strategies for over 650+ companies, making him an unrivaled industry expert. Adopting an array of methods to help push brands, Artem is known for sharing tips on how to grow in the marketing industry. That’s not all, he constantly introduces innovative and creative methods in terms of a project’s promotion, ensuring that predetermined campaign objectives are met and exceeded.

Artem Romanyuk is an asset to have on your social media timeline both as a newbie and an advanced marketing professional.

2. Neil Patel

Founder of KissMETRIC and an array of other emerging start-ups, Neil Patel is a seasoned marketing expert with tons of years of experience in the industry. Offering consultancy services to some of the world’s biggest brands like Google, Amazon, eBay, etc., Mr. Patel is using his social media channels, Twitter especially, to share key insight into the world of marketing.

Neil Patel regularly shares information about web analytics, social media marketing, growth hacking, promotions, campaigns, ads, and a long list of others.

3. Liz Strauss

An expert in building and sustaining customer relationships, Liz Strauss is a renowned marketing expert who’s not only made a fortune out of the market but has helped onboard more people into the industry. Referred to as the “most influential customer relations blogger” by a few brands, Liz regularly keeps her thousands of followers abreast with helpful tips about publishing, design, and how to build suitable marketing relationships.

Also a skilled author with various books to her name, Liz Strauss continues to engage her followers, oftentimes, with thought-provoking questions that help them learn and master the beautiful art that is marketing.

4. Jay Baer

Founder and brains behind the innovative project Convince and Convert, Jay Baer is a social media entrepreneur and author who has made it a mission to spread the marketing gospel. Advisor to over 700 clients including the United Nations [UN], Jay focuses primarily on content marketing and how upcoming marketers can leverage social media and good customer service to stay ahead of the competition.

Entrepreneurs seeking information about converting leads would find Jay Baer’s social media pages extremely helpful. He regularly updates his pages with new knowledge while presenting it in a simplified manner.

5. Harrison Obiefule

PR and Marketing Manager [Africa] for FTX, one of the most valuable crypto exchanges, Harri, as he is fondly called, is a popular marketing and content influencer who has helped onboard hundreds of people into the crypto and tech space. With a few years of experience in the evolving marketing industry, Harrison Obiefule regularly updates his thousands of followers with information about content strategy, planning, development, how to get and retain customers.

The feats reached with FTX are proof that Harrison Obiefule understands marketing.


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