Solana Network Goes Offline Again, Now DDoS Attack May be Reason

Solana Network Goes Offline Again, Now DDoS Attack May be Reason

The "Ethereum killer" Solana has gone down once again, for the fourth time in the last 12 months, WuBlockchain reports.

According to the Solana community's telegram group, the DDoS attack may be the main reason behind the downtime on the main network. Users suspect that spam has overloaded the network.

The attack has likely been caused by the constant creation of empty transactions on the network that act as congestion material and put the network offline.

The network regained its functionality at 7 a.m. UTC+8 on Jan. 4. It is as yet unclear if developers have taken any measures to resurrect the network's transaction processing capabilities.

Community's reaction

Due to a constant rivalry between "Ethereum maxis" and alternative network enthusiasts, community activity has increased dramatically as users began to accuse network developers of the inability to maintain the stable functionality of Solana.

Solana went down again at two o'clock in the morning (UTC+8) on January 4th. According to users of the official Telegram community, the attacker is suspected of using spam to conduct a DDoS attack.— Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) January 4, 2022

More fuel has been added to the discussion as users are remembering previous downtimes on the network. Recently, users experienced an issue with transaction processing. One of the biggest decentralized exchanges on the network, Raydium, has experienced issues with launching a liquidity pool that went offline due to the network's inability to process thousands of transactions.

Solana goes down

While a slow network might be unpleasant when working with decentralized solutions, full downtime was also the case for Solana previously. Back in September, the blockchain went offline after reaching 400,000 TPS. Due to high congestion, the network forked itself and went down. To start the blockchain again, developers had to use the help of the validator community.


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