Shiba Inu or Dogecoin? UFC Superstar Chuck Liddell Reignites Memecoin Rivalry

Shiba Inu or Dogecoin? UFC Superstar Chuck Liddell Reignites Memecoin Rivalry

UFC star Chuck Liddell has reignited the long-simmering rivalry between Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. “The Iceman" recently published a Twitter poll to choose between the two most popular meme coins and Safemoon, another popular cryptocurrency on Binance Smart Chain.

Im curious who will win this. Which #cryptocommunity is the strongest! between these 3. @dogecoin @safemoon @Shibtoken #dogecoin #shiba #SAFEMOON— Chuck Liddell (@ChuckLiddell) January 4, 2022

With a total of 33,164 votes, Shiba Inu and Safemoon are neck and neck (42% and 43%, respectively). Dogecoin has managed to secure only a 14.5% share of the vote.Dogecoin influencer Matt Wallace accused the Safemoon community of buying fake votes in order to take the first place. Liddell started his cryptocurrency journey in early November, claiming that he has watched plenty of Wallace’s videos about Dogecoin. The former fighter felt like he had missed out on the original meme coin and started asking the community about Shiba Inu.The superstar fighter has also been busy sporting his non-fungible tokens on Twitter over the past two months.After winning the light heavyweight title all the way in a fight with Tito Ortiz back in 2004, Liddell, who’s known for his mohawk haircut, has emerged as one of the greatest UFC stars of all time. In March 2020, he announced his retirement with an enviable 21-9 pro record. However, he lost his last bout to Ortiz in November 2018.

I’m new to #cryptocurrency @MattWallace888 and I’m torn between your great videos on #dogecoin but also feel like I missed out on it? I see the #shib coin stuff Help me understand why one is better then the other? I’m learning #dogecoinarmy #SHIBARMY— Chuck Liddell (@ChuckLiddell) November 5, 2021


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