Will Cardano Retaliate To Be The Third Biggest Crypto With Its Robust Fundamentals?

Will Cardano Retaliate To Be The Third Biggest Crypto With Its Robust Fundamentals?

Traders and hodlers from the coin market are never far-off from mainstream cryptos, despite the impeccable rally of newer alts. The prominent ones have been holding prominence in the business, whilst holding the market share. Any updates on top-tier blockchains take the market by storm. Which has its set of implications on the sentiments of the market.

Cardano has been gaining traction off-late, the developmental initiatives have been imperative in the network taking giant strides to the trend list. Cardano has always been the protocol that has been imparting value to the fundamentals. Which has set it apart from the bustle of numerical surges. The project has topped the list in terms of developmental activities off-late. On the other hand, Muesli Swap has gone live.

Cardano’s Insurgency Against The Ethereum Killers?

Cardano has been distant from the game for the past couple of months, since the Alonzo Hardfork upgrade. Wherein numerous protocols have made hay, while the sun shined, and have emerged as potential Ethereum killers. However, the developmental initiatives now seem to be bearing fruits, as Cardano is now the talk of the town.

In a myriad of updates, Cardano has been the front runner in the most developed crypto on Github for 2021. The blockchain has scored over 140k total development activities. In contrast, its rival Ethereum has managed to script just over 100k developmental activities.

The Most Developed Cryptos on @Github in 2021 According to @Santimentfeed, @Cardano, has become the most developed project in the industry, followed by @Kusamanetwork, and @Polkadot. https://t.co/gjKPmOazyB pic.twitter.com/JHXmWSe0YS— CryptoRank Platform (@CryptoRank_io) January 3, 2022

The protocol has been making appreciable moves with NFTs. In view of which Emurgo has announced that it will sponsor and present at the CNFT awards. The event will recognize the growing creative community. Previously, as reported by CoinPedia Emurgo had announced its plans to acquire Infinity Blockchain Group’s business unit, to expand interoperability.

There’s More In Store For Cardano!

Earlier Charles Hoskinson had revealed that there are about 127 projects in the pipeline for development. Which has instilled faith in savvies, who have been longing for the projects to be rolled out. The IOHK founder expects the user count to grow ten-folds from the current sum of 2 million users.

The protocol’s layer-2 solution Hydra, alongside Ouroboros has caught sight of geeks of the blockchain world. In addition, Cardano’s Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) will enable users to delegate their holdings in a platform and receive respective rewards.

Muesli Swap has gone live on the 2nd of January, with a TVL of $875.95k accounting for 100% of the Cardano DeFi ecosystem. Muesli Swap going live prior to Sundae Swap has awestruck the community.

Summing up, The blockchain will be receiving a host of updates for the year. The major share will be held by Cardano’s Basho and Voltaire era. Which will bring scalability and governance to the blockchain. What gives the protocol ammo is its environment-friendly initiative in alliance with Veritree. That gives Cardano an upper hand over rivals. Hopefully, Cardano rises for a fistfight against Ethereum killers in near future.


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