Panasonic’s Shiftall to develop three VR products for metaverse

Panasonic’s Shiftall to develop three VR products for metaverse

Shiftall, a subsidiary of Japanese multinational conglomerate Panasonic, announced on January 4 that it has released three Virtual Reality (VR) products to be used in the metaverse.

Scaling its entry into the metaverse, the new products include MeganeX VR headset, Pebble Feel metaverse-linked wearable heating and cooling device, and Mutalk microphone that is metaverse compatible along with a sound leakage prevention function.

Shiftall has been selling its motion-tracking device “Haritora X” for Metaverse and LUMIX virtual data so far but has now expanded its range of metaverse-related products with the above device offerings.

“Megane X” is a VR headset that pursues high resolution and lightness compatible with SteamVR. Meanwhile, “Pebble Feel” is a palm-sized personal air conditioner that can instantly cool and heats the contact area (neck) by combining it with a special shirt.

Pebble Feel will also be equipped with a mechanism that allows anyone to experience the heat and cold in a metaverse space. Lastly, “Mutalk” is a Bluetooth microphone Leaked Sound Suppression Function for the Metaverse.

The company has announced the product ahead of the world’s largest consumer tech event ‘CES’, set to commence from January 5 in Las Vegas, United States. The trade show hosts the latest technology and products in the consumer electronics industry.


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