Will ATOM, LINK, And VET Enter The Top-10 Crypto List In Q1 Of 2022?

Will ATOM, LINK, And VET Enter The Top-10 Crypto List In Q1 Of 2022?

The quest for high yielding investments ascends at a thriving rate, as traders and hodlers aim at making the most of the year. Which has been one of the resolutions of crypto savvies, as several traders have parted ways with their gains last year. Finding potential alts is no less than finding a needle in a haystack, considering the number of cryptos listed on exchanges.

Successively in an ocean of digital assets, we sort ATOM, LINK, and VET as potential contenders. The mentioned assets have been flourishing at numerous aspects, with the supporting fundamentals in play. On the other hand, savvies have pinned high hopes on the said altcoins.

Are These The Assets To Buy This Q1?

Cosmos (ATOM):

Cosmos has made it to the list again, as the protocol refrains from not raising its bars. IBC is reportedly the only live interoperability standard to connect blockchains together, supporting a shared economy of $75 B. The platform has 28 interconnected chains, and about 2.8 M monthly transactions on IBC.

Cosmos SDK is one of the prominent protocols to build and secure chains. Four out of twenty projects are built with the Cosmos SDK, which are Crypto.org chain, Terra, Binance Chain, and Cosmos hub. As previously reported by CoinPedia, the protocol is all set to welcome Interchain security, liquidity staking, DeFi, NFTs, amongst others.

Chainlink (LINK):

According to sources, Chainlink has 7 key pillars of its momentum from the previous year, which will continue for the on-going year. The first one being Cryptographic Truth and the Chainlink Network.

The initiative highlights how the protocol secures over $75 B, the plans for cross-chain interoperability. The upcoming release of staking, and the use of Chainlink as a layer by Web 2.0 and enterprises.

The second one is “Grants”, the platform has awarded a grant to This Dot LAbs to create an interactive map of the ecosystem.

In order to guide the developers with necessary tools and skills to develop smart contracts. The next comes “Integrations” with partners such as Tranchess, WePiggy, QiDao, amongst others.

Other pillars include VRF integrations, which sees Play-to-Earn games such as Dragon Kart that help mint NFTs. Initiatives for developers, Educational videos and learning material, and initiatives for community.

VeChain (VET):

VeChain has emerged as another candidate for a bullish move up. The firm claims to be the world’s leading enterprise grade public blockchain. The protocol in association with its alliances aims to drive digitization across the global economy. And advance sustainability, whilst reducing carbon footprints.

Now Payments has enabled recurring payments possible with VET, the move will enable users to sell subscriptions or paid memberships with VET. The protocol is home to over 100 live enterprises and 30+ new dApps.

VeChain has been holding its presence across social media platforms. The presence in emerging sectors such as Web 3.0, DAO, and DeFi makes it future ready.

Collectively, the aforementioned digital assets hold strong backing from fundamentals. And have been making decent moves in terms of adoptions, integrations, and developments. Michael van de Poppe cites his targets for ATOM, LINK, AND VET, which stand at $100, $100, and $1.

The digital assets could hop onto the bulls to the said targets, provided circumstances fall into place.


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