This ‘game-changer’ model could help AVAX ‘outperform’ in 2022

This ‘game-changer’ model could help AVAX ‘outperform’ in 2022

Deciding to invest in a particular cryptocurrency isn’t a cakewalk. It must be a dilemma for anyone. How do you decide which crypto to add to your portfolio? Do you look at the price performance, the founders’ qualifications, influencer feedback, or just good old meme value?

Investment analyst and professor Adam Cochran put together a Twitter thread with more than 100 tweets to show why deciding your 2022 crypto-investments is far more than just a fun shopping haul. In fact, here’s what he had to say about one crypto that’s close to joining the top ten in terms of market cap.

The snowball effect

Cochran used a few tweets to discuss the significance of Avalanche [AVAX] and predicted its performance this year. He noted the importance of Avalanche’s subnets to help Ethereum scale and said,

“…Compared to Polkadot, Cardano, Polygon, etc. It has the clearest path to scaling for any EVM-based major asset right now, and I do think the subnet model is a game-changer.”

“…Avax had its breakout earlier than I had expected, and so I was more on the fence and thought it may be hard for it to continue an out performance. But honestly, if you put it in a basket with other L1s I think it will still out perform.”

Pandemic pets and punishment

Cochran tried to explain why. He theorized,

“… Because 2021 was a crypto growth cycle, where while trapped at home, with stimulus checks in hand, and eyes all a glow we collectively looked at markets and thought ‘Yup this dog coin is probably the future.'”

Cochran also urged investors to look at crypto-assets that offer long-term solutions and value, rather than a quick fix or aesthetic tokens.

Will AVAX get vaxxed this year?


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