14.6 Million SHIB Burned in Last 24 Hours, More SHIB to Be Destroyed Today

14.6 Million SHIB Burned in Last 24 Hours, More SHIB to Be Destroyed Today

Founder of Bigger Entertainment, Steven Cooper has tweeted that another 2.75 million Shiba Inu has been burned by his team. Meanwhile, Shiba Coffee Company has taken 11,851,851.85185185 SHIB out of circulation as well.

14.6 million SHIB burned just recently

After the aforementioned 2.75 million SHIB has been sent to the “null wallet”, from which nobody can withdraw or spend coins in any other manner, by the Bigger Entertainment team, the total amount of this meme-based crypto incinirated by them since October 2020 has become equal to 889,483,100 tokens.

Bigger Entertainment sells NFTs, tickets to events and merch for crypto and burns part of the fees earned for letting customers listen to music tracks. On December 26, during one of their scheduled “Burn parties”, they destroyed 239,600,144 Shiba Inu tokens.

Now, with yet another 2.75 million SHIB taken out of circulation, they have incinerated 889,483,100 since late October, when the company announced their SHIB burn campaign.

Besides, at the end of December, Cooper tweeted that in the coming sixty days, his team plan to double their SHIB burn rate as they are seeking new ways to burn Shiba Inu.

Besides, the head of Bigger Entertainment stated that they will be burning more SHIB later today. In late December, they announced that SHIB burn events would take place every month this year. Overall, more than three billion SHIB was burned in December by various members of the Shiba Inu community.

Another 2.75 Million #shib gone forever. Bringing our total burned to 889,483,100 since launching our campaign on Oct. 20th. We're excited for what 2022 will bring!Receipts, a burn counter, & playlists can be found at: https://t.co/qAZCxRSOssEtherscan: https://t.co/wLRv7Ktebe— Steven Cooper (@iamstevencooper) January 3, 2022

Shiba Coffee Company makes its 2nd large SHIB burn

Steven Cooper also congratulated Shiba Coffee Company on sending their second large amount of the second most popular meme coin to an unspendable wallet.

Congrats to Shiba Coffee Company on their 2nd large burn! We’ll be burning more today and I hear Bricks Buster will be doing another large one soon as well. #shib #shibarmy https://t.co/Ury4GPz0jy— Steven Cooper (@iamstevencooper) January 2, 2022

According to the shared tweet, the company destroyed 11,851,851.85185185 SHIB (worth $400.59) on January 2, thus making it a total of 14.6 million SHIB burned by them and Bigger Entertainment.

Twitter account Shibburn added that, aside from that amount, 10,721,938 SHIB has been burned in the past twenty-four hours by the Shiba Inu community.

Now, almost half of the circulating amount of SHIB - 410,300,566,022,517 (41.03006 percent) – out of one quadrillion has been destroyed. As reported by U.Today earlier, nearly half of that destroyed amount of SHIB was burned by Ethereum co-founder VItalik Buterin.


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