Will Cardano, Polkadot, And Cosmos Evolve As Meritorious Contenders For A 10X Run?

Will Cardano, Polkadot, And Cosmos Evolve As Meritorious Contenders For A 10X Run?

The crypto town has traversed from the blues of 2021 to the aspirations of 2022. Folks from the industry are now highly spirited to make the most of the year ahead. Despite the market being skittish, some of the historic ideologies will hold purposeful irrespective of the market sentiments. Successively buying the dip and buying undervalued coins can bring virtues to the portfolio.

In an ocean of coins, looking for undervalued and high potential digital assets can get cumbersome for many. The digital assets one should look out for are Cardano, Polkadot, and Cosmos in a spectrum of many others. The aforementioned assets have been doing seemingly well with respect to fundamentals, developments, and utility.

Will These Be The Bluechip Coins in 2022?

Cardano (ADA):

According to substantial sources, Cardano was the ace performer for 2021 in multiple aspects in Github. Cardano topped the list by total developmental activity, and by the average developer activity contributors count. One of the major achievements has been Cardano Meetups, where folks around the globe met physically and virtually. On the other hand, The Bangkok summit saw 21.5k attendees.

The Cardano community has grown astoundingly across social channels in 2021. The growth across social channels was 468%, while the total social audience count was over 3.2 M. In addition, EMURGO has announced its plans to acquire Infinity blockchain Group Business Unit, to expand Cardano’s interoperability. 2022 could possibly be the year of Cardano.

Polkadot (DOT):

Polkadot has done appreciably well the previous year, and has garnered interests of masses in the crypto fraternity. The platform has spectated 2 million lines of code, spread across implementations, tools, UIs and features. Also, the network is home to more than 20,000 nominators, 10,000 developers, 31 live substrate mainnets, 6,000 validators, 2,391 ambassadors and candidates.

The parachain auctions have been imperative in the prominence of the Polkadot ecosystem. The ecosystem has collectively funded over a thousand proposals, 540 forkless upgrades, and more. Effinity has won the sixth auction, and will be onboarded at block 9,388,800. Which is expected to happen by March 11th 2022.

Cosmos (ATOM):

Cosmos is claimed to be the only cross-chain ecosystem in the world that uses an interoperability standard. The protocol is home to $68 Billion in digital assets across 28 live enabled IBC Cosmos chains. The network also hosts 262 applications.

Moreover, the Cosmos is all set to welcome a host of updates, that includes: Interchain security, Interchan accounts, liquid staking, empowering DeFi, NFTs, and the community. Moreover, the IBC is expected to become an ecosystem of 200 chains, and the space would also see important airdrops.

Collectively, the aforementioned protocols could evolve as meritorious contenders for a massive run this year. With the shortcomings being resolved, and a breakthrough from the burdening market trends, could pave way for a moonish run. That said these are one of the potential ones to bag ahead of the bull run.


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