SHIB Pushes FTX Down from #1 Spot as Largest Holding Among Top 1,000 Whales

SHIB Pushes FTX Down from #1 Spot as Largest Holding Among Top 1,000 Whales

Data shared by WhaleStats analytics platform shows that just recently SHIB has retaken its number one position among the top 1,000 ETH whales' crypto assets by USD value, flipping FTX token. Prior to that, FTX did the same with SHIB, but now the meme cryptocurrency has struck back.

SHIB again holds biggest position by USD value, pushing FTX down

According to a recent tweet by WhaleStats, the 1,000 top Ethereum whales held $1,606,812,247 worth of FTX token, making it the top asset by dollar value.

However, after WhaleStats' data went through an website update, SHIB returned to the highest position in these whales' wallets. According to the table, the 1,000 largest Ethereum whales now hold $1,874,858,006 worth of SHIB. The average amount of these meme tokens stored in their wallets is 52,343,037,616 – 6.64 percent of all crypto holdings.

As for FTX, its amount equals $1,589,842,818 in USD (5.63% of all the crypto holdings owned by the whales). The dollar worth of Ethereum held by these wallets is $158,791,856 (with an average amount of Ether held being 41,475 coins).

Still, the most widely held and traded token among these whales is UNI.

SHIB adds 100K new users after reaching 1 million milestone

WhaleStats has also shared that at the moment, the army of SHIB holders has added a whopping 100,000 new users. Just a few weeks ago, this number hit the milestone of 1 million, and now the figure of the total SHIB owners stands at 1,100,357, according to the tracking project's website.

1.14 billion SHIB burned in one week

As covered by U.Today on Tuesday, 1,140,746,704 SHIB tokens were send to a dead address from which coins cannot be spent or withdrawn (therefore, they are taken permanently out of circulation) during the period from Dec. 20 to 26.

Since Dec. 1, a total of nearly four billion SHIB tokens has been destroyed by the SHIB army.


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