NFT Marketplace UNXD and Decentraland to Host Virtual Metaverse Fashion Week

NFT Marketplace UNXD and Decentraland to Host Virtual Metaverse Fashion Week

UNXD and Decentraland have called fashionistas along to bring their collections virtually to present in the metaverse. This is one opportunity for all to showcase their talent within the technologically advanced era.

Luxury Marketplace UNXD and Decentraland

The luxury NFT marketplace UNXD is built on a polygon network, and the virtual reality platform, Decentraland, is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Both these platforms have planned together to offer the fashion week in metaverse in March 2022. This show will include pop-up shows, catwalk shows, and the after-party.

Calling all designers, brands, and fashion fans. UNXD x @Decentraland present the first Metaverse Fashion Week. A program of catwalk shows and showcases, pop up shops, after parties, and immersive experiences 24th – 27th March 2022. Have your collections ready! #mvfw2022— UNXD (@UNXD_NFT) December 27, 2021

Decentraland’s first fashion program will be taking place between March 24 to 27, 2022. This metaverse show will also allow the users to view the entire fashion show within the virtual environment. The users will also be able to purchase the outfits for the online avatars, and this is for sure something you should be looking forward to having an exciting experience.

Recently Decentraland tweeted and called for the brands, fashionistas, and the designers to keep ready their virtual collections to present the same within metaverse.

Metaverse – The New Interest in Virtual Environment

Metaverse is the environment that has been generated by internet services, augmented reality, and the virtual world’s convergence. In recent months, it has received a lot more interest than before. It virtually offers one collective experience, which has brought new opportunities for artists, creators, and gamers.

‘The metaverse may represent an over $1 trillion annual revenue market opportunity,’ as stated by the giant crypto investment Grayscale within one of the reports released earlier this year. Grayscale is the subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group (also owns CoinDesk).If you are looking forward to other signals of the increased interest, even Facebook was seen changing the corporate name recently to Meta. It also announced its own metaverse, which will support the non-fungible tokens or the NFTs.

UNXD in September also worked with Dolce & Gabbana, the Italian Couture label for launching the NFT collection named Collezuone Genesi. This launch sale fetched approx. $5.65 million.

The launch of this upcoming show, Decentraland, ensures to tread the path that Zepeto has already opened, the South Korean metaverse social media app, as per the BBC report.


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