Bitcoin (BTC) slides below $50k again as crypto market turns red

Bitcoin (BTC) slides below $50k again as crypto market turns red

Bitcoin (BTC) again failed to consolidate above $51K after breaching the key resistance earlier yesterday. The top cryptocurrency slid below $50K again earlier today and is currently trading at $49,344 with a 4% decline over the past month.

The top cryptocurrency has seen a bearish phase ever since hitting a new all-time high in October near $69K and despite market pundits predicting an eventful final quarter, BTC like several other altcoins has been consolidating ever since. Many analysts have given a 6-figure price prediction for BTC by the end of 2021. However, as move deep into the last week of the year, BTC has shown little signs of bulls apart from a couple of bullish surges.

Source: Coin360

Can Bitcoin (BTC) see bulls again in 2022?

When comparing the current bull market with the last one, the price patterns have been quite distinct apart from early correlations. BTC rose to new ATHs towards the end of December in 2017 and most of its gains came in the last couple of weeks. While altcoins surged after Bitcoin’s market top. Comparing it to the 2021 bull cycle, the crypto market has shown more stability and a formidable price momentum where even market corrections of up to 50% didn’t shake many investors.

Market pundits expect the BTC rally to continue into 2022 and believe we are in a super cycle where the current price momentum is mimicking more of the year before the bull run and the real bull run would begin in 2022. Bitcoin is currently in a semi-bullish zone and Santimant analysis shows a steady circulation, thus the market sentiments haven’t turned red yet.

#Bitcoin continues to circulate in semi-bullish territory, according to our latest NVT model data. With $BTC back under $50k, circulation staying steady is encouraging to see, as it implies utility is remaining at a justifiable level vs. market cap.— Santiment (@santimentfeed) December 28, 2021


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