The Second Biggest SHIB Whale Holder Buys $2.8 Million of SLP

The Second Biggest SHIB Whale Holder Buys $2.8 Million of SLP

This has been the year of the meme and metaverse tokens, and this is where SHIBA INU and Smooth Love Potion (SLP) come in. Who would have believed one year ago that SHIBA INU and Axie Infinity token would have a $19 billion and $6.25 billion market capitalization at the time of this writing, according to Coinmarketcap?

According to Whalestats, “Light” is not the only one who has been accumulating SHIBA these last days of the year, recently a whale under the name “Tsunade” bought 34 billion SHIB.

What is SLP?

This year blockchain games went mainstream along with the new definition “play-to-earn”, especially in countries with emerging markets like the Philippines and Venezuela, where people are playing the games in order to earn income needed due to their economic, social, and political situation, and Axie Infinity lead this path.

Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is the utility token of Axie Infinity. It is the main source of income for players in Axie’s metaverse. You can earn SLP in the game by completing daily quests, battling other players in the PvP mode or fighting in the Adventure mode (PvE). SLP has a $97.82 million dollar market cap and its ranked #451, according to Coinmarketcap.

“Light” portfolio is not only about SHIBA INU

The whale known as “Light” is the 2nd biggest SHIBA INU holder and the 4th biggest whale in the Ethereum ecosystem with a total portfolio value of $3.7 billion. Light’s biggest portfolio asset is SHIBA INU with a total value of $1.39 billion and it represents the 37% of its portfolio, but has many more tokens following SHIBA INU, like ETH, its second biggest asset with a total value of $669 million and its third biggest asset is CRO token with a total value of $470 million, according to Whalestats.

Metaverse coins such as The Sandbox utility token SAND, and Decentraland MANA token, are also among Light’s portfolio. SAND is on its 6th biggest asset with a total value of $101 million and MANA on its 11th position with a value of $68 million. On the other hand, Lights ranked #5 in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem with a total portfolio value of $682 million.

It appears that meme coins such as SHIBA INU and metaverse-NFT related coins such as SLP, SAND, and MANA are gaining attention from the biggest whales in the crypto ecosystem like “Light”. This year there has been a huge demand for these coins, especially with the metaverse ones because of its great utility in the play-to-earn world.

We can expect more whales tol keep accumulating following Light’s investments, because they are seeing a huge demand and growth for these kinds of coins.


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