Flickto Set To Kickstart Three-Day Public Sale On KICK.io

Flickto Set To Kickstart Three-Day Public Sale On KICK.io

The first Flickto public sale has been confirmed and it will take place over a three-day period. The sale will see 330,000,000 FLICK tokens go to the community in a much anticipated IDO round. KICK.io, the leading Cardano-based crowdfunding launchpad, will host the IDO that will bring media financing to the Cardano community. The IDO will run from the 27th of December to the 30th of December.

Flickto is the media launchpad that is making media financing accessible to the general public. The Cardano-powered community media launchpad is designed to change the way media projects are funded. Instead of a select few getting to make the decisions on which media projects get funded, Flickto puts the power to choose in the hands of the consumers.

KICK holders stand to benefit the most from the IDO as they will receive priority access to the public sale. All KICK holders will be able to access and purchase FLICK tokens 24 hours before the general public. They will also be able to “endorse” the FLICK IDO and earn rewards from every FLICK token sold, which would be paid out in ADA.

For those who do not wish to wait for the public sale, they can begin earning FLICK tokens by staking their ADA in the Flickto ISPO. VyFinance users are also able to stake their VyFi NFTs in the ISPO for additional rewards. Each FLICK token will be sold for $0.009 during the public sale, payable in ADA, with a KYC requirement. The first round is hard-capped at $2,970,000 USD.

What If Cardano Made Movies?

Cardano is one of the leading decentralized blockchains in the crypto space. This makes it an exceptional choice for a project like Flickto. Users are able to have complete control over their votes and by extension, the media projects which they want to see get funded. What’s more? Users are able to claim rewards while making their voice heard in an industry that had thrived on exclusivity.

Cardano community members are able to stake their ADA tokens on the Flickto ISPO for generous rewards of up to 5%. Through this, the Flickto community will be able to fund innovative films, TV, and streaming shows that would otherwise not see the light of day and artists whose projects are currently deprived of funding.

Launched on November 1st, the project has enjoyed much success in its barely two months of operation. There are more than 5 million ADA currently staked in the ISPO by over 600 delegators. It has partnered with veterans in the film and media industries, as well as the KICK.io launchpad and decentralized finance platform VyFinance to unlock strategic future benefits for its users.

Flickto is set to officially launch its platform in the coming year and fund its first few media projects. Following the completion of the public sale, the FLICK token will be listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges across the crypto space to make the digital asset fully tradable for the public.


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