ERTHA 'Play-to-Earn' Game Closed Two IDOs in 85 Seconds

ERTHA 'Play-to-Earn' Game Closed Two IDOs in 85 Seconds

ERTHA, a fantastic decentralized gaming metaverse with tokenized land and "play-to-earn" instruments, concludes the first and second stages of its token sale in less than a minute and a half.

ERTHA token sale on Seedify and GameFi closed

According to the official announcement by the ERTHA gaming metaverse, it has closed two phases of its initial gaming offering (the specific term for the initial decentralized exchange offering of GameFi protocols).

Want to get a head start on #Ertha? 😏Please visit 🌐 to learn more about our game mechanics 🛠It goes over all the mechanics we plan to incorporate into the game and how to be effective with them 👍Start planning your reign 👑#Metaverse #NFTs #P2E— ERTHA (@ErthaGame) December 21, 2021

The Seedify community pool IGO was closed in 53 seconds while the GameFi community pool token sale took 32 seconds only. On the Seedify incubator, the protocol managed to raise $300,000, while $250,000 were secured on GameFi.

ERTHA is a metaverse project based on native token and NFT markets. Its land plots are tokenized: 350,000 HEX land plots are avaliable for sale as non-fungible tokens.

As covered by U.Today previously, ERTHA's gameplay is set to combine the "play-to-earn" and "play-to-learn" concepts. Users can increase the value of their NFTs by implementing the correct strategy.

In a nutshell, the game is designed to emulate real-life social and economic iterations, i.e., to replicate an environment in which people are required to perform the activities they are used to in the real world.

With its well-elaborated gameplay, ERTHA's enthusiasts can create new governments, economies, cross-border alliances and compete in challenges, battles and tournaments.

Red Kite IGO took place on Dec. 21, 2021

In order to achieve the best results, users should balance production, trade and financial budgets. As such, it guarantees an immersive gaming experience for GameFi enthusiasts with various strategies and levels of expertise in crypto and gaming.

The next phase of ERTHA IGO took place on Red Kite, a decentralized launchpad for early-stage products by the creators of PolkaFoundry.

The net amount of the allocation for this stage is $250,000.

As such, the team is going to raise $800,000 during its three-stage initial gaming offering. Also, the trading volume of ERTHA land plots spiked in the last few weeks.


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