Ripple and Top Players Shift 334.5 Million XRP as Coin Rises to $0.956

Ripple and Top Players Shift 334.5 Million XRP as Coin Rises to $0.956

According to Whale Alert blockchain tracking platform, in the past 20 hours, a staggering amount of 334.5 million XRP have been transferred. Among the participants are Ripple tech behemoth, leading Korean exchange Bithumb and other platforms.

In the meantime, while the richest XRP wallets keep grabbing the coin, the XRP price has surged above the $0.9 level.

334.5 million XRP on the move

According to the above mentioned cryptocurrency tracker on Twitter, over the past 20 hours, the Ripple tech service provider, along with several crypto exchanges, made six major transfers, sending almost 335 million XRP coins.

Ripple Labs wired a massive lump of 125,000,000 XRP, or the equivalent of $113,009,250. Among other senders are the leading South Korean exchange Bithumb (which has been quite active in transacting large amounts of XRP recently), FTX exchange and Binance.

Bithumb has overall transferred 180 million XRP, sending 100 million in a single transaction—that is worth $88,878,584.

FTX shifted 17,000,000 to Binance.

Overall, the fiat equivalent of the transferred 334.5 million coins is $319,423,308.

🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 125,000,000 #XRP (113,009,249 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) December 21, 2021

XRP whales keep increasing their holdings

According to recent data from Ledger.Exposed, some large XRP wallet owners have resumed adding XRP to their holdings after selling part of their riches recently.

Around 63.30% of the total XRP in circulation is owned by the top 100 accounts—that is, 33,739,990,734 coins.

Five wallets with a minimum holding of one billion XRP now store 11,138,078,289 coins. Thirteen wallets with balances of 500,000,000 to 999,999,999 XRP hold 7,605,328,597 XRP. Seventy-two addresses that hold from 100,000,000 to 499,999,999 XRP now store 14,165,454,853 XRP tokens.

#xrpcommunityXRP Accumulation 👊😎more:— JamesRuleXRP💫HODL💫DYOR💫I Told You So🚀👊😎 (@RuleXRP) December 22, 2021

XRP adds 10% to its price

Since Dec. 21, when the eighth-largest cryptocurrency, XRP, traded at $0.88, its price got a boost of 10.14%, hitting 0.9707 earlier today.

At press time, the coin is sitting at $0.9549.


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