34 Billion SHIB Acquired by 13th Biggest Whale “Tsunade”, Adding to 163.2 Billion SHIB

34 Billion SHIB Acquired by 13th Biggest Whale “Tsunade”, Adding to 163.2 Billion SHIB

According to data provided by the @WhaleStats Twitter handle, on Dec. 20, a cryptocurrency whale by the name "Tsunade" purchased a staggering 34 billion Shiba Inu coins. That is worth $1,002,526.

13th largest whale buys 34 billion SHIB

Cryptocurrency holder who owns wallet 0x187e3534f461d7c59a7d6899a983a5305b48f93f and is known as "Tsunade" has purchased 34,870,499,969.41003599 SHIB. According to etherscan, it happened "one day and one hour ago," the transaction was made from a CoinOne 2 wallet, likely belonging to the CoinOne exchange.

Over the past month, this whale has performed several transactions, purchasing a mind-blowing 163.2 billion Shiba Inu coins from the Coinex exchange.

Thus, the whale bought huge SHIB lumps of 43,783,053,535; 72,266,047,517; 21,977,294,220 and 34,870,499,969 SHIB, which adds up to 198 billion Shiba Inu coins.

However, there are also outgoing transactions shown by etherscan. In particular, "Tsunade" removed the first 60,000,000,000 and later 31,517,309,563 from his wallet.

🐋 ETH whale "Tsunade" just bought 34,870,499,969 $shib ($1,002,526 USD).Ranked #13 on WhaleStats: https://t.co/bUMOU6WFJhTransaction: https://t.co/c3vQ1gc7nf#SHIB #ShibArmy— WhaleStats - the top 1000 Ethereum richlist (@WhaleStats) December 20, 2021

Guess what "Tsunade" holds aside from SHIB-Dogecoin

At the moment, according to Whalestats, the address holds a total of $61,928,352 worth of SHIB. That is 5.05% of the overall crypto holdings in this wallet. The largest percentage here is that of Dogecoin—the whale is holding $914,975,810 worth of DOGE, or 74.75% of his crypto assets.

Thus, DOGE holds first place here. SHIB is on the third one and Tether's USDT is in second place with 5.34% and $65,381,360 equivalent in this dollar-pegged stablecoin.

Ethereum comes fourth (4.36%, $53,404,716 in ETH).

The total value of crypto held in this wallet is $1,042,285,522.

Another whale buys four trillion SHIB

As reported by U.Today earlier, on Dec. 20, another cryptocurrency whale made a mind-blowing SHIB purchase. They added to their wallet an astounding four trillion Shiba Inu, thus pushing the coin's price up 8%.

SHIB recaptures leading position among Ethereum whales

The WhaleStats website also shows that SHIB holdings are the largest among crypto stashes owned by Ethereum whales at the moment. Having analyzed the top thousand wallets on the Ethereum blockchain, the WhaleStats team concluded that the most-traded token among them is SHIB, and the biggest position in USD also belongs to this meme cryptocurrency: $1,734,679,374.

It is followed by FTX token with $1,641,810,475.


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