Pro-Crypto SEC Commissioner to Step Down in January

Pro-Crypto SEC Commissioner to Step Down in January

Elad Roisman, a Republican member of the Securities and Exchange Commission, has announced that he’s going to leave the agency by the end of next month.In his statement, Roisman described the ability to serve as an SEC commissioner as “the greatest privilege” of his career:

It has been the utmost honor to work alongside my extraordinary SEC colleagues, who care deeply about investors and our markets.

Earlier this December, Roisman and “Crypto Mom” Hester Peirce issued a joint statement, in which he criticized the agenda of Chair Gary Gensler. While describing it as “ambitious,” the two Republicans took issue with its content.

The statement touched upon Gensler’s approach to crypto regulations, claiming that the SEC head had failed to formulate clear rules that would allow investors and regulated entities to safely interact with cryptocurrencies, including the ones that are designated securities.

In July, Roisman and Peirce publicly opposed an enforcement action against crypto firm Blotics. Their dissent was used by Ripple attorney Michael Kellogg to make an argument about lack of clarity.This statement by two sitting SEC Commissioners makes even more clear that during the time relevant to this case, members of the public did not have fair notice of what the law requires.


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