Adidas Will Launch Its First Nft Collection Today

Adidas Will Launch Its First Nft Collection Today

Adidas hasn’t stopped being involved with the blockchain space during the last two months, in November they partnered with Coinbase and earlier this month Adidas announced they were joining the metaverse and NFT world by partnering with the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Gmoney and PUNKS Comic, and today they are launching their first NFT collection named “Into the Metaverse” on their official website.

“The intent is this thing, this NFT, you belong to a community, and we continue to add value to that over time, and it’s gonna also evolve with what we’re learning about the community, how they’re changing and evolving”. Adidas Originals VP of Brand Communications Erika Wykes-Sneyd commented.

“Into the Metaverse” NFT collection

There will be a limited supply of 30,000 NFTs in the collection, each NFT will cost 0.2 ETH ($767 at the time of the writing) and the drop will occur in two phases, the early access phase and the public sale phase. The early access phase will consist of dropping 20,000 NFTs for Bored Ape/Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Pixel Vault, POAP, Gmoney POAP for NFT holders who held their NFTs in their wallets on December 14th. The public sale phase of 9,620 NFTs will be dropped for anyone who wants to be a part of the community, leaving 380 NFTs for future drop events, according to its official website.

Holders of this NFT collection will have great benefits, from virtual land experiences in the digital world to adidas Originals physical merchandise and graphic hoodie as the PUNKS Comic #2.

Will sports clothing companies have a great role on the metaverse?

Adidas is not the only one that has jumped into the metaverse and NFT world, Nike partnered with the gaming platform Roblox to create a metaverse called “Nikeland”, additionaly, this week it entered the space by acquiring RTFKT, a digital design sneaker company. One sure thing is that it appears we are going to live in a double life, a physical and a digital one, and if we are going to have a digital human representing us in the metaverse, we will need something to wear, and these giant sport clothing companies are leading the way. The people in the metaverse will value very much having products of companies they use in real life, which brings new opportunities for these companies to expand in this new digital era. In the future we can expect more clothing companies, not only sports, to join the metaverse and NFT ecosystem.


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