Jade Protocol: A DAO Powering New Crypto Projects Like None Other

Jade Protocol: A DAO Powering New Crypto Projects Like None Other

DeFi’s first-ever decentralized venture capital fund “for the people, by the people” is here. Jade Protocol has a treasury that has surpassed $100M in value, launching a full-scale, Olympus-style framework that will launch innovative crypto projects by way of decentralized, on-chain voting.

The platform has recently launched its hyper-growth fund, allowing substantial growth and development to take place in the Jade ecosystem. Now, Jade is redefining venture capital funding as we know it. Through a process that includes rapid-growth marketing, game-theory dynamics, and the core objective of addressing real-world problems, Jade is taking decentralized investment to the next level.

A New Era In Venture Capital

Jade Protocol is an $OHM fork on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), but one that takes an especially unique approach that pulls the project ahead of the competition when it comes to Olympus forks. While Olympus-based Ethereum Mainnet is subject to extreme gas fees, Jade’s utilization of BSC allows gas fees to run around 50 cents per transaction – a far cry from Ethereum Mainnet’s often hundreds of dollars in gas fees for each transaction. This is especially vital in allowing the Jade treasury to auto-compound at more frequent intervals, thus increasing potential yield compared to Ethereum Mainnet alternatives. Meanwhile, through the platform’s native $JADE token, the ecosystem looks to continue to build community and facilitate the DAO’s capabilities in decision-making and investment capabilities.

Jade will use its treasury, now north of $100M, to value, vet, fund, launch and develop some of the most innovative projects in crypto. In less than 60 days, the Jade team launched two massive ecosystems in SmartCoin and JADE. The protocol’s team consists of lead devs with backgrounds at both Google and Amazon, a Harvard professor, marketing veterans, and a Y-Combinator alum. As the core team grows in the early stages of Jade, the team is focused on revolutionizing the traditional venture capital models, putting the power in the hands of the people, and building the world’s first-ever decentralized venture capital fund. JADE is now the fast-growing project and community in the space – and while many OHM forks and copycats look to build platforms with no real utility, Jade has chosen to take a different route.

In launching the protocol, Jade is offering weekly airdrops, paid in BUSD, that total roughly $30M. All you have to do is buy JADE, stake it, and chill.


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