Revolutionizing the Investors Participation into Venture Capitals with RevenueCoin

Revolutionizing the Investors Participation into Venture Capitals with RevenueCoin

The introduction of blockchain into Venture Capital opens up new avenues for new investors. Also, new financing avenues for companies. One example is RevenueCoin, a blockchain-based VC firm that is democratizing and disrupting the sector.

On the surface, RevenueCoin’s business model is an ICO with its own IDO on various launchpads. Rather than buying shares directly, investors may buy $RVC, RevenueCoin’s native BEP-20 currency. The buyer benefits from this method since it is based on blockchain.

The actual financing component begins when the $RVC sale proceeds are received. A select few potential enterprises are chosen based on expert judgments and community voting. Once chosen, the companies agree that a part of their future revenues will be used to acquire and burn $RVC.

The RevenueCoin community pays chosen firms to grow and gain revenue, after which they buy up specific amounts of $RVC and burn them. This is because the value of $RVC is dependent on several factors, including supply.

By acquiring large amounts and burning them, the value of the $RVC will climb, enabling investors to benefit. The currency may be traded on numerous controlled and decentralized exchanges, allowing investors to cash out at will. Exeria and SkyRocket are already on RevenueCoin’s list of attractive companies to join.

This strategy, developed by RevenueCoin, is unique in the VC industry and benefits all parties involved. The entrance hurdle for investors is reduced, allowing them to join VC, which would have been unlikely before.

Investors may also track the value of their tokens in real-time and choose which companies to fund. At the same time, firms may get the funds they need to develop.


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