South Park Ruthlessly Mocks NFTs and Crypto in New Special

South Park Ruthlessly Mocks NFTs and Crypto in New Special

Popular adult animated sitcom South Park has ruthlessly ridiculed crypto, non-fungible tokens and the broader investment community with scarily accurate precision in a new exclusive special released on Paramount+ earlier today.In an epic scene that went viral on crypto Twitter, adult Kyle and Stan stand with a firefighter in front of a burned-out building with dead people in it that the latter describes as "complete murder, carnage."The firefighter says that a guy in a suit showed up to pitch investment opportunities and people started chanting "hodl." He recalls that NFTs began mooning and their owners started accusing other people of right-clicking them. Then, people ended up beating up each other over pumps-and-dumps, "FOMO" and "flippening" calls. The guy in the suit, of course, "waltzed away like nothing happened."

Today’s investment landscape. Presented by South Park. #Crypto #NFTs— Jim Osman (@EdgeCGroup) December 16, 2021

The firefighter says that he escaped the carnage unscathed because of an

This is scarily accurate to NFT and Crypto twitter— TRB ΞLIJAH (@HawksNest) December 16, 2021

Another scene from the special shows Butters, aka Victor Chaos, desperately trying to pitch his bizarre NFT drop, which includes an "apple bee" with a hat and a mustache, to a group of bewildered investors.In August, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park, signed a $900 million deal with ViacomCBS INC to renew the series for four more years and release 14 original films by 2027 on Paramount+.


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