The Best Innovative Tokens to Purchase by the End of This Year

The Best Innovative Tokens to Purchase by the End of This Year

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are the latest trend on the Internet. The growth of digital art is the most popular theme in recent times. Investors and cryptocurrency users want to own unique digital artworks and speculate on them.

This time we will look at which management tokens of NFT projects you should pay close attention to.

NFT Bunny

NFT Bunny is the first NFT Social Platform that allows creators to choose the visibility of their content. Artists can organize an exclusive vernissage of their NFTs collections. NFT Bunny will let you buy/sell NFT using Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC.

NFT Bunny allows people to create NFTs, collaborate with like-minded participants, and have exclusive online events. NFT Bunny makes it easier to access the NFT world.

It is important to note that artists can sell their work publicly or privately. Artists gain 96% of the price there, while 4% is the fee. Creators also earn a royalty fee each time their NFTs are traded on the platform.


The NFT Bunny Token named BUN is a token built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. You will have a set of benefits if you keep BUN tokens:

  • You will be able to receive donations and support from your fans in BUN without any fees. This system encourages both artists and users of the platform.
  • It is also extremely convenient that all services offered on the NFT Bunny platform can be purchased using the BUN token.
  • You will also be able to get a loan using your NFT as collateral or to use the BUN token, and you will have access to favorable and exclusive conditions.
  • Use the BUN token to buy and sell NFT on the large-scale market of the platform.
  • Thanks to the BUN token, every user can create their own creative and amazing NFT in a few clicks.
  • BUN token holders will be the driving force behind the evolution of the platform itself. They will be able to choose the best ideas that will be integrated into the website.
  • Token holders also get access to a liquidity pool to get more bonuses and amazing gifts, rock-bottom fees, and access to exclusive features.
  • Token Sale

    It is important to note that Flash Round was held on the 5th of December, and it took 3 hours only to sell all the coins at a fair price. There was a limited number of tokens available with discounts for investors.

    In addition, the 24th Seed Round on December 6 was surprisingly successful, as was the first round of the private sale that closed on Sunday, December 12.

    The second private sale is ongoing and it will last until December 17. It will provide participants with a 64% discount. Benefits: Silver Bunny NFT with a 10% discount on all platform services and a 1.1x multiplier on all staking rewards.

    The last private sale 3 will be held from December 17 to 22 and provide an opportunity to purchase a token with a 52% discount. Benefits: Bronze Bunny NFT with a 5% discount on all platform services and a 1.1x multiplier on all staking rewards.

    To take part in the sale, you just need to subscribe to the form and receive an email from the team to formalize the offer. Find out all the details on NFT Bunny.

    The entire public will have an opportunity to purchase this token shortly after the pre-sale concludes.


    OpenSea is one of the largest and the most popular NFT marketplaces today. A wide set of NFTs is accessible on the platform: from paintings produced by contemporary artists to game cards. In addition, it can hold an auction, and it is fully integrated into the cryptocurrency infrastructure. Also, this site has an extensive gallery of digital paintings.

    Artists must pay a commission on OpenSea. The size of the fee depends on different factors and sometimes may even exceed the price of the created work of art.


    It is a Russian-based platform that gained popularity around the world. Using a native RARI token, artists can create and sell their works on the website. Another critical difference is the opportunity for authors to receive a reward if their artworks were resold. It has one of the highest trading volumes among all NFT marketplaces at the moment.

    You can sign up for free on the platform. You need to pay an Ethereum network fee – $ 30-100 for each artwork.


    RARI is a native token of Rarible. Users can earn these tokens for various actions on the platform, such as buying/selling works of art or collectibles.

    The RARI token gives holders the right to decide on system updates on Rarible and select the content accessible on the platform.


    The SuperRare platform is a virtual gallery of digital art. Each work is a crypto-collectible digital item that can be owned and traded. To confirm their authorship, artists develop a specialized certificate.

    The SuperRare platform is at its early stages and has not rolled out all its functions. However, it has recently raised $9 mln from investors for further development and its relaunch. Posting your work is free, but SuperRare takes 15% of the transaction at the first sale. The platform also takes a 3% fee from each sale of NFT.


    To scale up and take advantage of the true power of web3, SuperRare is embarking on a path of gradual decentralization – eventually shifting ownership and managing the network to the community.

    As the network develops, SuperRare Labs plans to offer gifts for active participants. RARE will provide the community with the management of fees, the whole ecosystem, and grants.


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