NewsCrypto To Launch Crypto Trading Suite in Metaverse With Enjin's Efinity: Details

NewsCrypto To Launch Crypto Trading Suite in Metaverse With Enjin's Efinity: Details

NewsCrypto (NWC) is an all-in-one education platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It allows both newbies and experienced traders to advance their understanding of crypto markets. Now its unveils a new-gen education product that will go live in the metaverse.

NewsCrypto builds virtual trading suite in metaverse on Efinity

According to the official announcement shared by NewsCrypto, it has entered into a long-term partnership with Enjin, a high-performance blockchain focused on DeFis and NFTs.

Following this partnership, NewsCrypto will build a new-gen product on Efinity, a parachain of Enjin's blockchain. The all-in-one virtual trading suit will go live on Efinity in 2022-2026.

Its first VR-powered modules will go live as soon as Q4, 2022. The ecosystem will work as an architecture of virtual trading offices where all crypto enthusiasts will be able to experiment with unique trading tools and get a certificate from NewsCrypto academy.

The new project, dubbed NewsCryptoVerse, will unite the five segments of the crypto sphere—namely, work, education, entertainment, networking and a marketplace.

Changing the narrative in crypto education

NewsCryptoVerse guests will be able to customize the aesthetics and functionality of their trading rooms: they will be able to trade either from an ordinary terminal or from an 80s stock trading room.

Vid Gradišar, CEO and co-founder of NewsCrypto, is certain that the solution offered by NewsCryptoVerse will become mainstream in coming years:

We believe the Metaverse will be the most important frontier for bringing crypto into the mainstream, and the current wave of adoption has only just begun. That’s why we’re building the biggest upgrade yet to the NewsCrypto ecosystem by bringing it to an open, interactive, social and feature-packed virtual universe in collaboration with Enjin, an NFT industry leader.

While the majority of NewsCrypto products will still be available on its current website, some eccentric functions such as virtual offices will only be open for NewsCryptoVerse users.


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