43 Billion SHIB Received by Whale in Past 2 Days but Only 2 Billion Left So far

43 Billion SHIB Received by Whale in Past 2 Days but Only 2 Billion Left So far

According to figures provided by etherscan, over the past two days, the whale address 0x69a9bd1808a215bb6861d4b3c1b684966d1d1c53 has seen a whopping 43 billion SHIB tokens pass through it.

Anon whale receives and passes on 43 billion SHIB

The anonymous whale has been receiving lumps of 4.5 billion, 4 billion, 3 billion and 2 billion, and then sending them away immediately.

At press time, there are two billion Shiba Inu coins on its balance sheet.

Largest SHIB whale adds more to its $1.2 billion worth of SHIB

As reported by U.Today earlier, a whale that goes by the nickname "Light" now holds around $3.4 billion in SHIB. The other day, he purchased 125,281,638,454 SHIB tokens worth $4.2 million. This whale keeps stocking up on the coin despite it dropping over 90% since November.

SHIB transaction count drops from 1,670 to 200

As per recent data provided by WhaleStats, Shiba Inu has been losing its positions regarding the number of transfers on the network. On Dec. 9, transaction activity reached a peak of 1,670, then it dropped twice, hitting 967 on Dec. 14.

At the moment, according to the chart, this number stands at 550 transfers on the SHIB network.

The amount of addresses sending and receiving SHIB also remains low, with the overall volume of tokens transferred being worth approximately $100 (three million SHIB).

Earlier this fall, interest in the second-most popular meme cryptocurrency sat much higher, and large purchases of SHIB made by whales pushed the coin's price to new highs.


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