The First Wine Token. ENO Presents: Ely Castro’s NFT Collection

The First Wine Token. ENO Presents: Ely Castro’s NFT Collection

From vinicultural farms to wine Crypto: what are the interest clubs and why join them

The history of closed interest clubs is about five centuries behind. When there were no telegram chats and secret bars, it was one of the few available ways to have fun with like-minded people. One of the types of such communities were and still are wine clubs, where the noble drink lovers deepen their knowledge of the subject, try new varieties of the drink and, of course, find new acquaintances.

The predecessors of wine communities are gentlemen’s clubs, which appeared in London in the XVIII century. There, aristocratic men, representatives of the upper class of English society, ran away from their families to chat and drink with their circle in an informal setting. For some, such clubs became a second home, where one could feel free from the pressure of society and obligations for a while.

Today, these clubs still unite connoisseurs of the noble drink around them, but the format of the work of wine communities has changed significantly over the years. The first “modern” club, Wine of the month, appeared in 1972 in California. It was created by Paul Kalemkiarian, the owner of a liquor store, who came up with delivering wines to the house by subscription. So, every month residents of the town of Monrovia began to receive a bottle of red and white, which the creator of the club chose independently. Over the years, Wine of the month has turned from a local community into one of the most popular American сlubs, which, like decades ago, continues to deliver wines by subscription.

However, today an entirely new format for uniting lovers and admirers of good wine has appeared. XXI century presents new approaches.

Ely Castro is proud to introduce Ely Castro’s NFT Collection

The perfect duo: Blockchain and wine

Eno is releasing their first 8 NFT’s with the exclusive wine collection of “Ely Castro” in collaboration with Marques de Griñon.

This NFT bottle contains 2 unique pieces of art:

A wine made with care, starting from a few vines chosen in the best plots of the DO of Pago Dominio de Valdepusa fermented in ovoid vats “Leonardo da Vinci” and later aged in a single new artisanal barrel of franc oak. It is, therefore, an extraordinary and unrepeatable wine.

A design jewel composed of precious stones of high quality and value created expressly by Ely Castro — one of the ten best jewelers in Europe — exclusively to decorate this bottle. It is, therefore, a piece as unique and unrepeatable as the wine it accompanies and beautifies.

With Eno, you can ensure that when purchasing or bidding on a wine auction, the acquired asset has been treated with the correct process to secure the value and exclusiveness of the bottle.

You can visit the collection website to get more information about these NFTs

Or make an offer on Open Sea:

ENO Pool — Earn the best rewards in the WINE industry

The benefit of stacking ENO tokens is the power not only to provide liquidity to the ENO project.

Staking represents a simple and less arduous alternative to cryptocurrency mining. Investors see in Staking the possibility of using their cryptocurrencies to generate additional income. An attractive proposal allows them to generate extraordinary stable amounts while maintaining the ownership of their crypto assets. In addition, it remains independent of the possible increase in the price of the coin or token.

The profits generated by the Staking basically correspond to a distribution of dividends in public limited companies.

How does it work?

Staking describes the process by which we can maintain and store our cryptocurrencies in order to receive a reward in the form of additional coins.

These currencies are stored within a liquidity “pool” where they are for a certain defined time within the pool and earn interest, in the form of more currencies, during the time that they remain within the pool.

These coins will serve to be used within tests called “proof of participation” or proof of funds and involvement within the project and provide liquidity to the project as well as protection to the market of the same cryptocurrency.


One important advantage is that the system offers guaranteed performance and a stable and even predictable source of quantities. In the case of the ENO Token, it also gives our partners the opportunity to grow projects by staking their own cryptocurrencies with rewards.

The partners will not only be able to use stacking for their own benefit, but they will also be able to enjoy an investment through the staking pool to continue strengthening the business ecosystem through the token.

2 % Wine Community Charity

A wine charity is chosen by the partners to be awarded 2% of the fees collected from the ENO Pool.

But what else? To support our wine-loving community, we present

Eno Academy — The first wine Blockchain backed class

Eno launches its first blockchain decentralized e-learning platform for all wine enthusiasts around the world. In this platform called, you can learn from top sommeliers around the world, who have dedicated their lives to the study and spread of the wine culture. The first class is already viable on the platform, taught by world-recognized Sommelier Marc Flores.

In this first class, you can learn the basics of wine tasting and general knowledge of the wine culture around the world. After completing the first course, you could get your “DIGITAL WINE LOVER” NTT.

What ENO Academy offers:

-ENO NTT “Digital Wine Lover” course offers enough flexibility to crypto and wine enthusiasts who want to learn from any part of the globe through the ENO platform.

-ENO NTT holders can express their ownership of digital assets in a decentralized way by getting validation and confirmation of the completion of the curse.

-ENO NTT is unique and non-transferable. It will award you as a “Digital Wine Lover” with the competition date, grade and instructor that teaches the class.

By validating courses, you could advance on ENO Academy as:

  • “Digital Wine Lover” — 1 Course Completed
  • “Digital Wine Taster” — 2 Courses Completed
  • “Digital Wine Expert” — 3 Courses Completed
  • “Digital Wine Master” — 4 Courses Completed and an online Master Class with ENO CEO Somm Marc Flores.
  • ENO Academy is now online on where you can start this journey with us.

    NFT and crypto art has become a loud trend recently, and they are often discussed in connection with the cost of lots — which is sometimes shocking. In fact, how much are you willing to pay for a digital picture or a small video that will formally be yours but will remain in the public domain? Many are willing to give tens of thousands of dollars. And the most expensive lot was recently bought at Christie’s auction for $ 70 million. The good chance is that the wine community’s support will bring Ely Castro’s NFT Collection to the top of the NFT world.


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