Beatles Rare Audio Interviews To Be Released As NFTs

Beatles Rare Audio Interviews To Be Released As NFTs

One of the world’s largest and beloved band over the decades is now dropping interviews as NFTs. Exclusive interviews with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr of The Beatles are being auctioned as digital NFTs.

This news shakes up the way legacy artists can use past IP to drive future profits.

Historic Interviews With The Greats As The Newest NFTs

An auction will be held as the first time that an old school music artist’s interviews are being sold as NFTs, according to the Voices of Classic Rock Archive (VOCR), which is minting and auctioning the NFTs as well as hosting the event. These four NFT interviews, which have not been heard by ears of the public in decades are now avail to the highest bidders.

The interviews are titled “John Lennon on “A Day in the Life”; Paul McCartney on “Chaos and Creation in the Backyard”; George Harrison on “Abbey Road”; and Ringo Starr on “His Lost Medallion.” VOCR holds a chest filled with gems from bands like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin; this is a way for music and NFT lovers to invest in some of their favorite classic artists.

Jonathan Firstenberg, VOCR’s Managing Director, said:

“The extensive variety of Beatles interviews that we have in our collection are, perhaps, our most comprehensive and valuable assets – that is why we wanted to launch with John, Paul, George and Ringo – the ultimate Classic Rock Stars!”

Firstenberg continued: “While we considered many ways by which to introduce this archive to the public, we chose to start with NFTs because the current market demand for unique NFT properties comprised of original content seems to be growing at a rapidly accelerating pace. Also, NFT auctions are a remarkably simple and efficient way by which to market audio interviews.

He went on to say that the stakeholders are “confident that NFTs as a new medium are here to stay, and we are very interested to see how this new medium will evolve. In particular, we are going to be studying how the market determines what rights to a property need to be embedded within an NFT itself for it to have real intrinsic value.”

Each of the NFTs will include unique artwork and a WAV file of the interview. The NFTs will be ran through the Ethereum blockchain, and bidders can only use Ethereum (ETH) to make a bid and purchase. Each NFT carries a minimum bid of 1.25 Ethereum, a hefty pricetag for the regular music lover, given ETH’s pricetag around $4,000 lately.

We will get to see what this unlocks for the music world, and how this changes the land scape of the NFT music business – especially for older artists and bands who have passed their live performance days, but still have a deep history and fanbase.


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