9Cat NFTs to Make Their Way into The Metaverse with Intriguing Features

9Cat NFTs to Make Their Way into The Metaverse with Intriguing Features

As the metaverse is shaping up and a number of related projects are making their way into the space, 9Cat Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are all geared to make their marks known. 9Cat will go beyond the tag of being a collectible and will embody a very functional, engaging, and unique play to earn project with a special model. Developed by a team of 12 with 4 developers, 4 artists, 1 marketing executive, and 2 community managers all of whom are led by Hong Kong-based game developer Wendy Lam, the Chief Executive Officer of the project. From its foundational strength, 9Cat is set to become one of the most reckoned P2E games around.

The 9Cat NFT and the Gaming Features

The existence of the 9Cat P2E game will begin with the launch of a 9,999 unique collectible of the game’s primary character, the 9CAT. Becoming a holder of the 9Cat NFT will grant access to the upcoming 9Cat Saga Adventure blockchain game. The NFT will allow players to earn 9Photon and 9Meta fungible tokens while enjoying the game.

The first chapter of the 9Cat Saga Adventure is billed to take place in the ruins of an ancient alien camp. The players will have to make a survival run by shooting their ways through a legion of enemies. By completing a series of quests, users can earn loot and 9Photon tokens as rewards. The art that depicts the 9Cat gaming world will all be procedurally generated and will serve as a huge compliment to the broader appeal the game will offer to its players.

A series of tokens are integrated as part of the 9Cat Saga blockchain game. One is the 9Photon token which is slated for use with in-game upgrades, and then the core ecosystem token dubbed the 9Meta token which is designed to be used throughout the ecosystem for the purchasing of Planets, characters, unique weapons, skins, and DAO voting.

“The 9Metaverse is set in places all across the universe, a space adventure with a lovable cat using alien technology, the opportunities for character and plot design are endless,” says Wendy, adding that most existing P2E projects are more centered on the earnings aspects of games than in recreating the fun for users.

“What we are seeing is other projects consistently focusing on the blockchain aspect whilst completely ignoring the more important part – the game. If you want a gaming project to succeed it has to be first and foremost a fun game, something that attracts people to want to play, not just something to invest in. You don’t want to release a glorified Facebook game from the early 2000s and slap a $1000 price tag onto it, We don’t want 9Cat to be like that,” Wendy said.

The 9Cat NFTs will be opened for presales exclusively for their whitelisted early supporters on December 17. A total of 1,999 collectibles will be available for purchase with a predefined limit of 3 9Cats NFT per whitelisted wallet address at a price of 0.06 ETH. The collection will see a public sale launch on December 26 at a price of 0.07 ETH. No Whitelists will be required for the public sale and each wallet will be able to mint up to a maximum of Nine 9Cats NFTs.

Additional Benefits and Perks

Becoming a part of the 9Cat gaming metaverse will open an enormous opportunity to play the games and earn tangible results that can easily be monetized. Beyond the 9Photon tokens that can be earned, holding a number of 9Cats can qualify holders to breed additional cats that can also grow to join the adventures. Also, 9Milk tokens can only be generated by 9Cat NFTs. All 9Cats NFTs are tradable and qualify holders to become a part of future metaverse releases.

Masters of 9Cat will also be eligible to receive an additional 9Fishy as a special reward for keeping 9Cat safe. 9Fishy will act as a 9Photon-voucher for users to redeem the 9Photon token to further gear up for the 9Cat Saga. In all, the 9Cat project is developed by a team of passionate NFT artists and game developers, and future developments that can bolster the utility of the NFTs and associated tokens can be expected.


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