With Opera-Solana partnership ‘battle of the browsers’ for Web3 domination intensifies

With Opera-Solana partnership ‘battle of the browsers’ for Web3 domination intensifies

The slogan ‘less trust, more truth’ is becoming a rallying cry in the fight to preserve personal liberty online. Web 3.0 (otherwise known as a decentralized internet based on true peer-to-peer interaction) represents that beacon of hope. It will enable individuals to take back control from the current generation of internet behemoths.

Opera versus Brave: The Battle For The Web3

Brave has been the undisputed king of the crypto-browsers for a while, despite hurdles. The browser is powered by its own blockchain where BAT token serves as the basis for an entire ecosystem. Now, here comes Opera with the latest partnership to stay ahead in the game.

Opera joins forces with @Solana!🚀 The integration will enable Opera Android users to enjoy seamless access to Solana DApps alongside low-fees and fast transactions within the ecosystem. You’ll be able to access it through Opera in Q1 2022. Learn more: https://t.co/XRkHUSYrLZ pic.twitter.com/viRDwpQwEq— Opera (@opera) December 10, 2021

The team released an official blog to highlight the collaboration. It noted,

“Opera, the world’s first browser with Web3 support and a built-in crypto wallet, is joining forces with Solana Labs to integrate the blockchain and support Solana dApps in the first quarter of 2022.”

The integration will enable Opera Android users to enjoy seamless access to Solana dApps. At the same time, they will enjoy low-fees and fast transactions within the ecosystem.

Opera’s interest in Solana is not surprising. It has been providing Web3 support and a built-in crypto wallet in its browsers both on mobile and desktop since 2018. This falls in-line with the set vision. It will run with the objective “to remove the hurdles associated with using web3 and crypto in order to make it more appealing and usable by a wider audience,” the blog added.

Hence, the aforementioned partnership removes the first hurdle by making access to web3 a seamless experience, available directly in the browser.

Austin Federa, the communication lead at Solana reiterated the importance of the said development.

“This integration will give tens of millions of new users even more choices of how to connect to Solana, and work to keep the dream of the open web alive and well. The mobile web3 revolution has barely just begun, and Opera is helping lead the way.”

The Opera browser, apart from this, supports web3 with Ethereum, Bitcoin, TRON, Celo supported in its wallet. It further shows the pro-crypto narrative from the developers behind Opera browser.

Why Solana?

Solana allows for lightning-fast finality and very low transaction fees of $0.00025. It also boasts a growing ecosystem of dApps including Serum, Raydium, Metaplex, Orca, Audius, and more.

Susie Batt, Crypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera opined:

“Solana has the goal of on-boarding one billion people to crypto. That’s a goal we share. No other browser company has been at the forefront of Web3 as early on as Opera. We are thrilled to be collaborating moving forward.”

In addition to this, another project put forward a vote of confidence favoring Solana.

Most projects are launched in eth so why are we powered by @solana ? Simple – accessibility is important to us. We don’t care about an overly hyped-up drop that raises gas prices to absurd amounts. Minting fees on #Solana are insanely low, which means more inclusivity.— STREET DREAMS CAFE | MINTING NOW! (@sdcafe_nyc) December 11, 2021

Earlier Crowny, an app rewarding shoppers for various interactions with brands showcased the same support. This shed some light on why some opt for Solana instead of Ethereum.


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