Country Star Parker McCollum Launches NFT Fan Club On MusicFX

Country Star Parker McCollum Launches NFT Fan Club On MusicFX

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) fever continues to expand as more people across several sectors embrace this form of digital assets. The entertainment industry has been particularly akin to this trend as major players in this billion-dollar sector seek to create new experiences and deliver new products to their audiences.

Popular country singer and songwriter Parker McCollum, also known as the Gold Chain Cowboy, recently announced the launch of his NFT based Gold Chain Cowboy Club Black Card. To be deployed in 2022 on top of NFT marketplace developer MusicFX.

Powered by blockchain pioneer and music management CurrencyWorks, MusicFX leverages NFT technology to provide users with new experiences and protect them from black market actors. The platform has set out to give music fans around the world exclusive content and a unique connection with their favorite artists.

This NFT release is McCollum’s first on MusicFX and will be available for the first 1,000 subscribers and will provide them with several benefits. Amongst them, members will be able to access a 12-month membership to the Gold Chain Cowboy Club, private jam sessions, VIP access for events.

In addition, members will be able to receive secret Airdrops into their Parker McCollum Collection, a chance to get meet and greet passes for certain Parker McCollum events, a digitally signed and numbered NFT, and a chance to win further VIP rewards.

In order to become a member, fans need to enter the MusicFX website and follow a registration process. According to the platform, only users that have completed the process will get early access to the NFT based club.

As an extra treat, 4 NFT holders will be able to participate in a Golden Ticket. This will give them access to a one-of-one ACM Experience for the ACM 2022 Awards Show to be conducted in Las Vegas and other prizes.

The NFT Technology And The Future of Entertainment

The NFT sector has experienced a massive boom in 2021 on the back of support from musicians, painters, and content creators. Via this technology fans and consumers can interact and acquire their favorite work of art without relying on third-party entities.

On the launch of his NFT based, McCollum said the following making emphasis on the importance of this platform for the fans:

We have been working on this stuff for a long time, this is the coolest thing hands down that I’ve ever done for my fans. It’s the exclusive Gold Chain Cowboy Black Card Club, you can have a chance to win at (…). I wanted really just to create a way to stay connected with my fans that have been with me from the beginning (…).

As of press time, Ethereum (ETH), the largest blockchain for NFTs, trades at $4,404 with a 2% profit in the daily chart.


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