How to sell your first NFT in NFT Black Market?

How to sell your first NFT in NFT Black Market?

The new market of NFTs continues to grow worldwide and many platforms are born to solve the problem of trust when executing transactions with these digital pieces. Therefore, through the use of smart contracts and the use of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, NFT Black Market aims to lead the market of buying and selling NFTs to become one of the most important multi-blockchains of the future.

What is NFT Black Market?

It operates as a decentralized exchange platform that provides the possibility to buy and sell digital parts called NFT “non-fungible tokens”. in the form of art such as images, videos, gifs, songs, documents, books, among many other things adding real value to every element we see on the screen.

It is composed of a public and a private market to promote the free market and thus developing a direct pathway between content creators and consumers through the use of smart contracts and blockchain networks guaranteeing the legitimacy of the digital pieces and avoiding plagiarism for each NFT.

How to publish your first NFT on the platform?

The process of publishing on the NFT Black Market platform is quite simple and below we explain the necessary steps to make your creations known to the world. Go to the “create NFT” section at the top of the screen.

Once you are in the “Create NFT” section you will see a box like the one below and the first thing you must do to sell your NFT on the platform will be to upload it to the site, you can do that by clicking on the “Upload image / Gif” option to upload artwork and “Upload music file” to publish songs, recordings, among others.When you upload your NFT you must complete each of the 5 easy steps described below. After that you will be able to appear in the marketplace to be visible to NFT Black Market users.

1. Price

Once you manage to upload your NFT to the platform you must place as the first option the price of it. It should be noted that you will have a 2.5% commission to be paid in the native token of each network, in this example we use the Binance blockchain, therefore the platform will automatically deduct the percentage in BNB tokens to grant the remaining directly to your wallet.

2. Title

In this option, you should place a title for your work that will make it stand out from the rest and be easily found in search engines.

3. Number of tokens to be published

You can usually post one item at a time, so you can post that you will only sell one NFT.

4. Description of your NFT

Here you can explain the details of the creation so that people can observe your point of view in developing each element of the piece.

5. Country of origin

Finally, enter your country of origin.

To be considered…

  • You will only pay 2.5% on the sale of NFTs.
  • Make sure you have at least 0.01 BNB in your wallet to cancel the network commission. (In the future the same applies for other currencies of other networks).
  • When you publish in the private market you cannot put it on the public market simultaneously.
  • Emojis are not allowed in the token information.
  • You are now ready to sell your first NFT!


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